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Homemade Holiday Garland

Making your own garlands at home is a great way to save money and reduce your environment footprint. Why buy from a big corporation when you can just make your own? It can also help you get everyone in your family involved. Kids love making garlands. It becomes like a game that everyone loves to play.

So how do you make home made holiday garlands?

==> The Beauty of String Popcorn

One of the most beautiful and most simple kinds of homemade holiday garlands you could make are string popcorn garlands. When you're done, it'll look like a string of popcorns floating in mid air.

Start with a yellow or white string and a needle. Then pop a kettle of corn. It's best to use actual popped corn instead of microwaved popcorn, but microwaved popcorn will work in a bind. Avoid the kind that's pre-made with butter, or your living room could end up smelling a little strange.

Thread your needle and tie up the end. Then poke your popcorn through the middle and slide it down to the bottom of the string. Rinse and repeat. Do this a few dozen times and you have a gorgeous popcorn string!

==> Gummy Bears

Head over to your local candy store and pick up gummies of different shapes and colors. You might pickup gummy bears, gummy fishes, gummy worms and gummy pandas, for example.

Then use the same technique above. Using a thread and needle, poke through each gummy and thread it through to create a garland.

This can create some very colorful and unique garlands.

==> The Simple Fabric Method

Go out and buy a few different kinds of fabrics. Then pick a few shapes you like. You can use just one shape, which actually looks very nice. You can also use two or three, but three or more can look less put together.

Take your fabric and cut it into your shapes. Then thread through the top of the shape with a needle and thread. Make sure you thread it twice, so your shape faces forwards instead of automatically turning on its side.

For example, let's say you're making a garland of circles made of fabrics. You choose two different fabrics and alternate them. You cut the circles out, then string everything together. Wala! The whole thing takes less than half an hour.

==> Origami Garlands

Want to really have some fun? Hop online and learn how to fold some origami. Learn how to fold cranes, balls, stars or anything else you'd like to string up.

Fold one or two dozen of these shapes, then string them up using the same technique. It's fun, fast and simple!

These are three different ways you can make impressive home made garlands.



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