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Recycling Your Real Christmas Tree

Every year, between 34 and 36 million Christmas trees are produced every year. At the end of Christmas season, a lot of these trees end up simply discarded. But there are really much better ways to dispose of a Christmas tree. Ways that are much better for the environment.

Here are a few different ways to dispose of your Christmas trees.

==> Curbside Pickup

Don't just throw your tree out into the curb after Christmas. Lookup when curbside pickup actually happens in your area. Generally it's around 2 weeks after Christmas. Lookup when they're doing pickups and place your tree outside then.

If you put your tree out front too early, it could get treated as trash. If you do it too late, you might miss the curbside pickup window and again the tree will just be treated as trash. Note that some cities don't offer Christmas tree pickups at all, so do make sure you check your county's website.

==> Lookup Green Non-Profits

Lookup green and environmentally oriented non-profits in your area. Chances are many of them will have partnerships with recyclers that help people get rid of their Christmas trees. Generally all the information you need will be on their website, though you can also call and ask.

==> Call the Boy Scouts

You can also just have the tree picked up for you by the Boy Scouts. Just call your local Boy Scouts chapter and ask if they have a program to pickup Christmas trees.

You'll generally have to pay them $5 to $10 for this service. This is a great way to make sure your tree gets recycled, as well as to support your local Boy Scouts chapter and help teach kids the value of helping the community.

==> Use it As Firewood

If you live in a cold part of the country, you could just cut up the tree and use it as firewood. Christmas trees aren't the best burning woods in the world and can be smokier than your average firewood, but it's still a good way to get rid of a tree if push comes to shove. Chop it up and burn it in small pieces.

==> Shred it into Mulch

A lot of cities today have programs that shred your mulch for you. Basically a tree shredder drives to your house and the tree is turned into mulch on the spot.

==> Drive it to the Recycler

If you can't find anyone to pick it up for you and if you miss the curbside pickup deadline, then you can just drive your tree to the recycler yourself. Most recyclers will take your tree completely free of charge.

With so many different options for recycling a Christmas tree, there's really no reason to throw yours away.



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