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A brief biography of Calvin Klein Fashion Blogging

A brief biography of Calvin Klein Fashion Blogging

It’s a name that’s most notably made it’s way onto the elastic of many a pair of underwear, but Calvin Klein is more that just a name. This major figure of 20th century fashion helped to shape the looks that still define the mainstream of today. He’s also the founder of a fashion brand that remains strong, despite falling out of popularity briefly in the nineties. He’s some of the life of this character.

Klein was born in 1942 and grew up in the Jewish quarter of the Bronx. In the same community as Ralph Lauren in fact. His education was patchy, and he never graduated from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, but he had enough good looks and natural charm to get him ahead. He clearly had drive too, and managed to secure an apprenticeship designing suits, then peeled off from this to form his own humble company with a childhood friend, Barry Schwartz.

It was when Baron de Gunzburg noticed Klein’s prowess that things really took off. He become a pupil of Gunzburg’s, and stunned the fashion world with his talent for designing jeans. In 1974 he designed a line of tight fitting jeans that sold $200,000 straight off the bat, and solidified his reputation as one of the best of what were then rising stars. From there he used clever sexual imagery and trend-conscious model casting – selecting film stars such as Brooke Shields to promote new products – to secure his place at the top of the fashion world.

In his personal life Calvin has had his ups and downs, just as in the business world. But he certainly seems to be well placed now. He lives in luxury in Long Island New York and is dating a stunningly pretty twenty one year old model. In his time away from business he’s a strong contributor to the Democrat party in the US, and was a supporter of Obama’s campaign for election.

So the name on the underwear elastic isn’t just about a brand. It’s about the life’s work of a man that pioneered looks that still define our fashion mindset today.

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