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These Amazing Photos Show Why This Teen Is Being Called the ‘Most Flexible Person In the World’

 Sofie Dossi looks like a pretty normal fifteen-year-old girl.
 But her talent, which she’s recently shared with the world, has netted her 225,000 Instagram followers and dozens of TV appearances that make her anything but a normal teenager.

(And no, her secret talent is not playing the guitar by a fireplace.)
 Sofie's incredibly flexible. To the point that she's called the most flexible person in the world.
 And once you get past her crazy elasticity, you'll realize that she's also insanely, incredibly strong.
 I mean, how many people do you know that can curl up with the own feet...from behind?
 She's posted photos from both her life and stunts on Instagram and YouTube.
 Tea for one?
 Do backs even bend that way?
 That's one way to rock climb...
 I mean, imagine the core and arm strength you need to pull this off, never mind the flexibility.
 Needless to say, she dabbles in some gymnastics.
 Here she is in a private performance. People pay good money for her shows.
 Imagine if you tried to do something like this.
 Here she is backstage on America's Got Talent.
 ...and on-stage.
 Why? How do you do your nails?
 Seeing this pic, I'm as surprised as she is.
 She's probably done a sit-up or two in her life.
 She casts a pretty striking silhouette.
 Let's give it up for that dude's neck strength.
 Just thinkin'...
 In Hollywood...
 The human pretzel.



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