A Camera Captured Three Women Doing Something Very ‘Controversial’ In A Car

These three models are in a group called SketchSHE, and they’ve become internationally famous for their sexy lipsyncing performances from inside a car.

The group is made up of 28-year-old Shae-Lee Shackleford, 25-year-old Lana Kington, and 27-year-old Madison Lloyd, who are all models in Sydney, Australia. They came together to form a comedy group, and they’ve now hit it big with these musical videos.

“We had no idea it would have such an incredible response. The fact that we’ve had people writing to us from around the world… I don’t think there’s been a country or continent that hasn’t reached out and written to us to say they loved it,” Shackleford told reporters.

Though they are beautiful on the inside, these girls are hoping to break the stereotypes of who a typical model is.

“Unlike what might be synonymous with an attractive girl, we want to be crazy, let our hair down, and break the rules a bit. But we still like to wear make-up and dress up – we just want be able to make fun of what we do while empowering women to be comfortable in their own skin,” Shackleford added.

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They Found This Precious Baby on Brink of Death.. And This Happens

 The Shar-Pei Rescue Of Great Britain has seen its fair share of animals down on their luck. After all, they’re the go-to place for any dogs of the breed who are injured or homeless.

But just when they thought they’ve seen it all, they met a dog named Elmo, and when they learned what he had been through, they knew they had to do something… and fast.

Elmo was less than a year old when the Shar-Pei Rescue Of Great Britain got a call about him.
 His owners hadn’t fed him properly or given him the medication he needed, leading to a severe case of mange.

 His owners had also covered him in coats and turned the heat up in their home, causing him to become severely dehydrated.
 Rescuers Emma Steele and Lynne Parish weren’t sure if Elmo would survive the ride to his foster home.
 Luckily, Elmo arrived at his foster home just in time to begin his road to recovery.
 Slowly but surely, Elmo began to get better. His condition required very expensive specialty food, but his foster mom, Lynne Parish, was sparing no expense.
 Parish didn’t think that Elmo’s former owners had meant to cause him any pain. “I think with Elmo it was more to do with ignorance than mistreatment,” she said. “People shouldn’t have a Shar-Pei unless they have good insurance or lots of money.”
 This just goes to show how crucial it is to thoroughly research a breed before getting a dog of that type. Even the most well-meaning of dog owners can endanger their pets if they don’t know what to do.
 Now that Elmo’s mange is beginning to clear up, his fur is starting to grow back. With a lot of love and snuggles, he’s on his way to making a full recovery.

 Elmo also got surgery on his eyes to help him see better, a procedure that is common for his breed.
Even while he’s wearing a cone, it’s clear that this little guy is an adorable fighter who has a lot to give his future adoptive family.

Awww! He’s so adorable. I bet he’ll have no trouble at all finding a forever home.

Share Elmo’s story with your friends below and if you want to help more dogs like him, head over to the Shar-Pei Rescue of Great Britain to learn how to help!

People Shared Their Really Weird One-in-a-Million Finds

Have you ever seen a hotel exclusively for bugs? What about some fairy doors or sea pansies? Internet users shared their most unusual finds online — some of them are surprising while others make you want to ask questions to figure out exactly what they’re for.

We gathered several photos of curious finds that easily prove that wonderful things are right under our noses.

15. “We found these objects in a river yesterday. Does anyone know what these are?”

These things are called “diya” or “deepak”. It’s a small oil lamp used in a Diwali ceremony. You can see burn marks on the sides.

14. “What could these be used for? It’s a bunch of shaped wood locked in a cage in a park in Barcelona.”

This weird installation is actually a bug hotel. Different useful bugs and insects can settle in there like ladybugs, butterflies and lacewing flies.

13. “Found on the edge of the South Carolina coast. Any help would be appreciated!”

This is a sea pansy. Being a part of the cnidaria species (multi-cellular animal organisms), they’re also called soft corals.

12. “Is this a fossil? My brother bought it when he was a kid.”

There’s a fossilized trilobite in this stone.

11. “This is a dish from a sushi restaurant that we found on Yelp.”

These are sea pineapples. People usually describe their taste as rubber soaked in ammonia. However, there are connoisseurs of such sea “fruit” that love to eat it with sake.

10. “My girlfriend found these small doors in trees in Scotland near Loch Lomond.”

Doors glued to trees are called fairy doors. There’s a small room behind the door so that people can leave a note or a present for a fairy.

9. Is this a 25 ft long trailer?

This is a closed trailer used to carry gliders (unmanned aerial vehicles).

8. “I found this thing in a dumpster. Does anyone know what this is?”

This is an erhu — an old Chinese musical instrument with 2 metal strings.

7. “My mom found this at a flea market. I don’t know what this is for but it’s really heavy.”

It’s a display for miniature letter openers.

6. “I found this weird silver overlay bottle. It won’t open.”

It’s a decanter — a special vessel used to hold the decantation of liquids like wine. You need to ask a jeweler to open a rare and expensive item such as this.

5. “What is this weird structure on Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan?”

It’s a forbidden ore dock. The structure was used for convenient ore loading for ships.

4. “Found a rock on the porch of my new home, flipped it over and saw this. Is it a fossil?”

These are the lycopsids (the division of lycopodiophyta plants). They’re one of the most commonly spread fossils in shale caves. They can grow up to 100 ft!

3. “I got this from my great-grandfather who was a mathematician. What could this be?”

It’s a pocket decipher device used during World War II. During the 1930s a similar crypto machine, Le Sphinx, was designed in France.

2. “This is a really weird thing. Does anyone know what it is?”

It’s a Chinese national toy called “Four Happiness Boys”. It symbolizes 4 types of happiness put together: rain after a long drought, a wedding night, passing the imperial exams, and running into a friend in a far away place.

1. “A customer found this in our lobby. What is it?”

It’s a device used for inserting and removing contact lenses and prosthetic eyes.

Have you ever found anything that you had no idea what to do with? Share your photos and stories in the comments.

45 Photos That Will Have You Noping All Over Nopetown

The world is a scary place and well, this gallery isn’t much safer. From spiders lurking in every place imaginable to online ads for DIY vasectomies — yes, you read that right — this gallery is full of all sorts of things you’re going to want absolutely nothing to do with.

Send it to your arch-nemesis or click through yourself if you need a little excitement in your day. And be forewarned, you may never want to enter a public bathroom for the rest of your life:

Spider Sprouts From Banana
 The Chair For Bee
 Black Widow Toilet Paper

 The car of bugs
 Bugs Moto
 The spider is drinking coffee
 Creep show spongebomb
 Creepy Girl
 Danger R Pad
 Doorway to Frosty Death
 Final Destination Truck
 Five Guys, One Cup
 Free Cuddles Inside
 Fungus Fan
 Gator Car
 Giant Dread
 Giant Roach on the Knife
 Giant Spider in Australia
 Giant Pick
 Go Swimming they said
 Herpes Pizza

 Do it yourself home vasectomy Kit
 The Hotel Pool
 Organic Human Juice. Now that's scary
 Massage open today
 Millipede Hands
 Monster Wasps
 Filet of Nightmare
 Anybody down for night swim?
 Nope Fish
 Payara Fish
 People zoo for robots
 Pizza Hut
 Senesbaugh Tunnel
 Shark Surfer
 Snake Breeding
 Snake Girl
 Spider and snake playing games
 You swallowed a small piece of ice
 Amazing Teeth Mug
 The cobra resting in toilet
 Million bugs in the toilet

 He needs to brush his teeth
 Wasp Nest
 WTF Tender Chicken
Which one you find the most of the nopetown? :D