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11 Photos That Will Make You Say NOPE

 You know when you open up your notebook after spending a week on a tropical island and a scorpion comes out and disappears into your building? Yea, I had to get off the phone and go watch a movie after that one.

These are some other things that can send me right back to my couch.

 2. Look closer… unless you have arachnaphobia. Then skip this one.
 3. Done gardening for life
 4. I’ll walk
 5. I’m not that thirsty anyways
 6. No banana for me!
 7. My breath doesn’t smell THAT bad.
 8. You go ahead. I’ll take a photo.
 9. Not for me.
 10. I’ll have the water, in the see through glass
 11. Hole in never.



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