15 Outfit Mistakes That Make Us Look Really Messy

 Messy does not always mean torn clothes, ragged shirts with patchwork or greasy, matted hair. A Messy look is a bit more complicated than we think, and because of which most of us are a victim of messy looks as we do not really consider ourselves messy at all! There are some clear red flags which scream out a messy personality to any onlooker which might not be such a good thing for your dating life as well as career. So paying attention to our appearance is necessary without being a self-obsessive personality. Here are 15 things or mistakes of a messy look you should pay attention to.

Hair roots

If your hair roots are darker or lighter than the rest of your mane it gives a very bad first impression especially since it looks a bit unkempt and uncared for. Different colored roots create an impression of being ungroomed.

If you decide to change your entire hair colour make sure you start off with your roots first and dye them regularly thereon. Secondly, or you can go ‘au natural’ by not dying your hair at all if it is cumbersome. You can sport your natural hair color instead.

 Wearing hair ties on a wrist

For all the busy ladies who like doing their hair on the go, it can ruin your look wearing a hair tie on your wrist. Please do not confuse it with a bracelet or worse a watch because it’s supposed to be on your hair and nowhere else. A simple solution is to wear pretty bracelets and use a  hair tie for what’s it’s meant for….your hair!

 The topknot

A top knot has always been a girl’s best friend during all those bad hair days. Well, that rough hair knot at the top of your head with unruly strands of hair still poking out from all sides is ok when you’re at home.

Invest in a dry shampoo, a small handy comb and keep a couple of bobby pins in your bag always. Use them for a clean professional hair look. Secondly, you can tie your hair into a slightly high ponytail for a bouncy look or better still braid your hair which always works for all!

 Untidy cuticles and hangnails

If you think no one bothers to look at your nails and cuticles, well you have been living under a rock. These small details give a wrong impression during a job interview or even a date. It may sound really harsh but sometimes stupid cuticles could ruin your complete flawless outfit and look. So what do you do? First thing first, take care of your nails and hands regularly by moisturizing and applying cuticle creams. Keep your nails well trimmed and manicured.

 The wrong foundation or powder shade

The common mistake that most ladies make is to select wrong foundation shades which do not match with their skin color and by it shows! After application, your face starts looking so different than your neck; it would appear as if your face has been photoshopped!

When you are buying a foundation, be patient and try a sample first on your chin and see if it matches the color and shade of your neck.

Carrying two big bags at the same time.

If you are habituated in carrying a big grocery bags to shop on the way home from work, it’s ok but carrying your purse along with it would make you look smothered and cluttered. Instead, if the grocery bag is really big enough, you can put your wallet or your purse in it too, and you’ll look savvy in a bargain.

 The appearance of underwear or bra straps

It’s never a good idea to have bra straps peeking out of your top or your nifty shapewear sneaking underneath your shorts. It looks more than messy; it looks crass and gives the impression that you do not care a bit about yourself which is never a good thing. So make sure your underwear remains where they are meant to be ….underneath your clothes.

 Dry skin

Dry skin causes early wrinkles and crow’s feet which is a nightmare for anyone who hasn’t even turned 60! It also makes the face look unkempt and rough, so pick up a bottle of lotion and start slathering.In fact, there are serums for dry hair as well which should be a part of your kit bag.

 Split ends

It’s a wrong conception that when you are planning to grow your hair, you should not use a scissors period! In fact, to grow hair in its perfect look and glory you need to regularly trim it and do away with those nasty split-ends. Split-ends not only stop your hair growth but completely ruin the look of the haircut. So go to your hair stylist for a quick snip and voila see the change.

 Constantly fixing your clothes

When you keep fussing about the dress you are wearing in a public place, it’s pretty annoying for everyone including you. Why would you want people to get a wrong impression that you bought an unnecessarily uncomfortable dress just to impress them rather than think of your comfort first. So next time when you are buying a dress, it’s the comfort which must be your priority and not a people-pleasing uncomfortable dress.

 Chapped and cracked lips

Chapped lips are not a good sight if you are 15 or 35. It makes you look unkempt and unsophisticated. Do not make the mistake of rubbing a bright shade of lipstick to hide it as it would make it ten times worse to look at. So, the answer is to put a lip balm or any mild moisturizer on your lips. Use ChapStick under your lipstick if you have a chronic dry lips syndrome.

 Animal hair on clothes

For all the animal lovers and dog huggers, this is hard. Yes, we all love our furry friends but they come with a slight disadvantage, ‘the fur’. We may brush and scrub as much as we want especially the woollen clothes but the hair never goes. This is absolutely unacceptable when you have an interview, a business meet or an important date.

Play with your furry pal before you change into your best dress. And better still always carry a lint roll with you which will come in handy to wipe off the fur. You can even buy a compact hair remover for clothes and carry it in your bag.

 Chipped Nail polish

Not wearing nail polish would be infinitely better than chipped nail polish. When your manicure starts chipping, either file it or remove the polish. You could use a low coat of clear polish if you are habituated in keeping low maintenance nails.

 Not ironing clothes properly

Improper ironing of clothes that make wrinkles appear in the fabric is a big NO NO!! It looks unkempt and messy especially if you are going for a job interview or on an occasion.

For cotton clothes, remove them from the dryer and iron them with the iron set on high. Start with the collar and begin your way down. You can remove creases by steaming the fabric.

 Pants that drag

 This is a tricky situation as you could be seeing every other person actually wearing pants that drag. You may also be pressed for time and just can’t go about hemming every trouser in your closet. To make things easy, decide which pants you wear with which shoes and then take them to a tailor to be hemmed accordingly. Make sure you tell the tailor to leave some room at the hem in case you go short later

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