21-Month-Old Baby Swims Like A Fish

 Babies are little bundles of joy for everyone. It’s really fun to watch them play and watch their little activities. Some babies are not only adorable to watch but they are so talented that even in their very tender years they are extra ordinary. You may little ones taking interest in dancing or in arts, but have you seen a baby who likes to swim.Arabel is the name of these cute baby, she is only 21 months old but she can swim like a fish or mermaid. Yes you read right she is too too young but she has no fear from the water, and looks so comfortable in the water like he has practising swimming for years. Simply awesome and incredibly cute. Also amazing here is that she can hold the breath, unlike most adults that need to breath every few strokes, she has the ability to hold her breath for some time and you only see her head pop up occasionally. So just like a professional swimmer she is doing this so easy. Take a look at the video and see this cute girls swimming. Enjoy!

Meet Arabel, A Little Mermaid

 Arabel is just 21 months old and she is like a little mermaid. She swims effortlessly and she is comfortable in water.


This fearless baby looks very cute while she is swimming and her confidence will leave you speechless.

Watch This Beautiful Video Of Arable While She Swims

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