31 Horrible Haircut Disasters That Will Make You Reconsider Your Next Appointment

As consumers, we’re always looking for a good deal, but maybe taking the cheap way out isn’t the best route to go sometimes. A cheap barbershop or salon might seem like a good idea when you’re broke, but we’d bet these people probably reconsidered the credentials of their quick-n-fast barbers when they saw the results:

Bad Comparison

 Bad supercuts Haircut
 Better Job!
 Butchered Haircut Disaster
 Can't Be Fixed

 Choppy Cut
 Chunk Missing
 Cost Cutters Hair Cutters
 Crying haircut Disasters
 Cut Neck
 Dishonest Haircut
 Don't Go
 Explain Yourselves Haircut
 Fix This
 Furious Haircut Disaster
 Highlights Lowlights
 Jacked Me Up
 Large Cut
 Looks Horrible
 More Neck Cuts
Most Awful Haircut
 Nearly Bald

 Neck Burnt Haircut Disaster
 Non Fantastic
 Pay To Fix It
 Phenomenal Haircut
 Square missing haircut disaster
 Sweet Mother

 Unacceptable Haircut
 Vigorous Training

 Which haircut did you find the worst?

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