37 Strangest Shoes and Clothes You Have Ever Seen

 Sometimes the most bizarre creations hit the runways and our most common reaction to them is usually “its fashion, baby!”

From shoes made of teeth to grassy flip-flops or ripped jeans, listed up in this post are some of the craziest shoes and clothes designs that are quite hilarious. These whacky designs are proof that some fashion fails are not meant to followed. We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

1 Fancy is a small word for this
 You can only keep shitty belongings in this
 When you don't have shoes and don't wanna get embarrassed
 Fashion from hell.
 We call this ripped and worn out. They call this fashion.
 All round protection
 When Adidas meets Gucci
 Dog Mommy Diaries
 Keeping all villains under my feet
Is it just me or does this also look fishy to you?
 50 years old and still up for sale
 These shoes support feet as much as my friends support me through my problems
 Finally the answer to jorts we've been looking for!
 Nike's to be worn in the shower
 Shoes with pointy nipples
 I thought two juicy calzones hanging from her shots
 Leg game too.... Weird?!
 A dress made of 3,000 googly eyes.
 Fashion works on a hit and trial method. Some attempts work, some really don't!
 How many do you count?
 Keeping it green and natural
 Adidas for ramp walking women
 Only for women with pretty feet
 Warm and cozy
 They were happy animals once
 When your pinkies are all set to hit the furniture
 Beware of fatal gasses
 Deer oh deer
 The Roach man from Russia
 Eggs or potatoes?
 This helps in keeping all my makeup with me
 These meat socks
 Safety first, fashion later
 Fruit Machine Suit
 What? One sock is always lost, so this solves the problem.

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