A Camera Captured Three Women Doing Something Very ‘Controversial’ In A Car

These three models are in a group called SketchSHE, and they’ve become internationally famous for their sexy lipsyncing performances from inside a car.

The group is made up of 28-year-old Shae-Lee Shackleford, 25-year-old Lana Kington, and 27-year-old Madison Lloyd, who are all models in Sydney, Australia. They came together to form a comedy group, and they’ve now hit it big with these musical videos.

“We had no idea it would have such an incredible response. The fact that we’ve had people writing to us from around the world… I don’t think there’s been a country or continent that hasn’t reached out and written to us to say they loved it,” Shackleford told reporters.

Though they are beautiful on the inside, these girls are hoping to break the stereotypes of who a typical model is.

“Unlike what might be synonymous with an attractive girl, we want to be crazy, let our hair down, and break the rules a bit. But we still like to wear make-up and dress up – we just want be able to make fun of what we do while empowering women to be comfortable in their own skin,” Shackleford added.

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