Lose Weight With A 3 Day Military Diet

This is incredible:  you can lose 10 pounds in three days! It is a hard diet but apparently it gives awesome results. And on top of that, it also lets you eat ice cream!

Just please bear in mind that this meal plan is made for women. If men want to follow this diet, they must add 100 extra calories each day as proteins.

This diet inspired to the military, seems to work super well! Let's see what it is about: Have breakfast with half grapefruit, 1 piece of toast, 2 tablespoon of peanut Butter and drink coffee or tea. Sugar is NOT included. At lunch, have half tuna cup and 1 slice of toast. Again, you can drink coffee or tea.

Again, no sugar. You can add salt, pepper and lemon that's it. The dinner is based on meat, 1 cup of green beans, half banana, 1 small apple, 1 cup of vanilla ice cream.

The week continues with slices of toasts, eggs, and fruit. As we said at the beginning, this diet is extremely hard but some days are easier than others. So if you really want to lose those 10 pounds, here is your perfect occasion!

Check out the video:

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