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Meet 10 Of Hollywood's Youngest Grandparents

Hollywood is full of young grandparents- if you don't believe us just read this list. From smooth-talking crooners to A-list actors, Hollywood stars tend to have kids at a younger age than most for the mere fact that they are loaded fairly early on in life.
 This also seems to be passed on to their children when they grow up. Read on below as we list some of Hollywood's youngest grandparents.

1. Pierce Brosnan

 While the handsome stud is getting on in life (believe it or not, he's actually 66) Brosnan's kids have already given him plenty of grandchildren. The former 007 agent became a grandfather for the third time in 2015. However, don't expect to see him change fame and fortune for nappies anytime soon.

Indeed, in most paparazzi photos, he's often pictured enjoying an early morning workout in the sunny California sunshine, all whilst maintaining the superstar image that made him a star in the first place.

His son is also very handsome and is actually a model, which means being good looking is probably in the Brosnan genes. Sometimes, the genetic lottery decides who looks good and who doesn't. Sigh.

2. Kiefer Sutherland

 Kiefer Sutherland went from playing a teen badass in The Lost Boy to an international superstar as handsome agent Jack Bauer in the widely acclaimed Fox series 24. But did you know that Sutherland is actually a grandfather?

Yes, Sutherland, who served time in prison for a DUI offense, is a grandfather to two boys. His eldest daughter married a fellow actor from Scotland called Adam Sinclair, whom he met on the set on one of his movies. In a fairytale story, Sutherland entrusted Sinclair by allowing him to show his daughter around Glasgow, to which Sinclair did and more, as they are now married with two children called Hamish and Quinn.

3. Cee Lo Green

 Cee Lo Green is one of the most esteemed producers working in contemporary American music, and in many circles, he is revered as much for his the influence he has had on the hip hop genre as he is for his pop tunes he crafted under the stage name Gnarls Barkley. However, not many people known that Cee Lo became a grandfather quite young in his life.

In fact, when his stepdaughter Sierra gave birth to a baby boy when she was only 18, Cee Lo was only 35 himself!

4. Tony Danza

 They don't come much cooler than Tony Danza, a silver fox who could give even the hottest of senior actors a run for their money. But Danza, at 66, isn't exactly ancient, so his inclusion on this list as a  66-year-old grandfather is certainly warranted.

The multi-talented thespian, who has also found success as a boxer, tv host and singer, even spoke to about being a young grandfather when his first grandchild was born when he was 55. "I think being a young father was tougher on Marc than on me," Danza said when asked about comparing the differences between being a young father and a young grandfather. "We had to grow up together. And I have two daughters, one who just turned 28 and the other is 23. I’m proud of my girls and my son and my grandson."

5. Martha Stewart

 As well as adding prison time and being best friends with the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg to her CV, the famous American chef can also boast being one of the prettiest and youngest (well, kind of) grandmothers in Tinseltown.

At 66, Stewart became a grandmother for the first time, which leads us to believe that she'll be a kickass grannie that introduces them to Snoop Dogg backstage when he's as high as a kite.

6. Ice T

 Hip-hop legend Ice T got busy at an early age, and his daughter was no different when it came to producing babies, so much so that his grandson is already in his 20s. Ice T is 60.

Ice T's grandson, Elyja Marrow, is the son of LeTesha Marrow, the daughter of Ice-T. Elyjah had appeared on an episode of his famous grandfather's reality show called Ice Loves Coco before he was charged with involuntary manslaughter for accidentally shooting his college roommate.

7. Sarah Palin

 Sarah Palin is only 54, but she's been a grandma for some time now. When she was just 44, her 17-year-old daughter Bristol infamously got pregnant during the same period the late John McCain announced her as his running mate in 2008. She had also recently given birth to her fifth child.

The second time around, Palin was 47 when Kyla Grace Palin was born. Kyla is the daughter of her son Track and his wife, Britta Hanson Palin.

8. James Brolin

 James Brolin met his wife Jane Cameron Agee way back in the 1960s when filming a three-episode run on Batman. Their courtship soon led to their son, the No Country for Old Men star Josh Brolin. When Josh turned 20, he married fellow actor Alice Adair in 1988 and had a son named Trevor the same year.

This made James Brolin just 47 when he became a grandparent, but that didn't stop People’s annual “ Sexiest Man Alive” issue including them in their list of “Hollywood’s Best Boyfriends" 9 years later at the ripe old age of 56.

9. Whoopi Goldberg

 Whoopi Goldberg was a grandmother three times over by the time she turned 50. Her first grandchild, Amarah Skye, arrived in 1989 when Goldberg was just 34- her daughter Alexandra was only 16-years-old. Goldberg also had her as a teen when she gave birth to her at just 18.

Alexandra then had another daughter called Jerzey and then a son called Mason. Speaking about her children's offspring, Goldberg said, “My daughter [Alex] is a much better parent than she was raised around. I wanted her to be my friend. Now we realize [kids] need that structure!

“I made it clear that should the oldest one decide that was a good possibility that I would yank her tubes out with my bare hands,” she joked to The Daily Mail. “I accepted the grandmother thing in my thirties, but great-grandchildren I’m not doing!”

10. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey may be known more for his comic take on bathroom humor and slapstick, laugh-out-loud acting roles, but the talented actor and comedian is also a cool and hip grandpa, a title he gained in 2010 at the age of 48. Starting a family early, his 22-year-old daughter Jane gave birth to a boy called Jackson Riley Santana.

Jane and her husband Alex Santana are raising the child in a cool family. Not only can they boast Jim Carrey as their child's cool grandpa, but they themselves are also seasoned performers having been playing together in a band called Blood Money for many years.



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