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Ridiculous Wedding Dresses That Should Have Never Come Down The Aisle

Some brides make terrible mistakes in selecting their wedding dress, and they end up looking completely weird on their big day. We’ve collected 30 photos of most ridiculous wedding dresses that should’ve never come down the aisle. The following weird photos will make you question the dressing sense of everyone involved in planning the wedding. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Share these photos with your friends, and make sure they never make the same mistakes!
Keeping your bride behind covers
 Eat up as much as you can
 Post-wedding Lawn cleaning session
 Blind the one who shall see it
 To show or not to show?
 A rose for Ali G
 When she thinks Unicorns are real
 Pretty humming bird
 Fashion nightmare
 The balloon beauty
 The bounce is real
 Straight outta the scary movies
 Major Throwback
 Right at the time of blossom
 Wrap her up the yummy way
 Too much skin whitening cream
 When you're overdressed for the party
 When you've got too much extra cloth to use
 Guess where did the pet peacock go?
 If your wedding took place on the ramp
 When your tailor does a bad job
 My butt when I let one rip
  When prince Charming's on his way
 God bless the groom
 God bless the groom 2.0
 When size zero becomes a liability
 For the recycling cause
 "Cheap chic"
 When you love shredding way too much



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