They Found This Precious Baby on Brink of Death.. And This Happens

 The Shar-Pei Rescue Of Great Britain has seen its fair share of animals down on their luck. After all, they’re the go-to place for any dogs of the breed who are injured or homeless.

But just when they thought they’ve seen it all, they met a dog named Elmo, and when they learned what he had been through, they knew they had to do something… and fast.

Elmo was less than a year old when the Shar-Pei Rescue Of Great Britain got a call about him.
 His owners hadn’t fed him properly or given him the medication he needed, leading to a severe case of mange.

 His owners had also covered him in coats and turned the heat up in their home, causing him to become severely dehydrated.
 Rescuers Emma Steele and Lynne Parish weren’t sure if Elmo would survive the ride to his foster home.
 Luckily, Elmo arrived at his foster home just in time to begin his road to recovery.
 Slowly but surely, Elmo began to get better. His condition required very expensive specialty food, but his foster mom, Lynne Parish, was sparing no expense.
 Parish didn’t think that Elmo’s former owners had meant to cause him any pain. “I think with Elmo it was more to do with ignorance than mistreatment,” she said. “People shouldn’t have a Shar-Pei unless they have good insurance or lots of money.”
 This just goes to show how crucial it is to thoroughly research a breed before getting a dog of that type. Even the most well-meaning of dog owners can endanger their pets if they don’t know what to do.
 Now that Elmo’s mange is beginning to clear up, his fur is starting to grow back. With a lot of love and snuggles, he’s on his way to making a full recovery.

 Elmo also got surgery on his eyes to help him see better, a procedure that is common for his breed.
Even while he’s wearing a cone, it’s clear that this little guy is an adorable fighter who has a lot to give his future adoptive family.

Awww! He’s so adorable. I bet he’ll have no trouble at all finding a forever home.

Share Elmo’s story with your friends below and if you want to help more dogs like him, head over to the Shar-Pei Rescue of Great Britain to learn how to help!
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