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Turn Ordinary Hair Into Showstopping Braids With These 13 Crazy And Surprising Looks

 When I was little, I remember one of my favorite things to do was play with my mom’s hair, and to have her play with mine.

Granted, her hair never really turned out that great, and it was surely covered in teddy bear barrettes, at best. But putting sloppy braids into mom’s hair is such a lovely memory that I have.

While my styling skills didn’t ever improve beyond your basic three-strand variety, I still think that braided hairstyles are some of the most elegant and beautiful ones out there.

There are so many different kinds of braids to try, and so many ways to combine them with each other and make them look gravity-defying and intricate. But not all of them are as hard as they look — even I could do a number of these!

The 13 different braided hairstyles below are all totally incredible, and I’d hold my head up high wearing any one of them.

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 I’ve never seen a double fishtail braid before, but it really is something, especially with that color in there!

 I’ve stared at this picture for a solid two minutes trying to figure out how this four-strand waterfall braid works, and I think I’ve finally cracked the code: magic.

 I can hardly do a braid right-side-up, but upside-down? Maybe it’s not quite as hard as it looks! One thing is for sure, though, and it’s that it looks amazing.

 The milkmaid braid is a tried-and-true classic that will always look way more complex than it really is, which is my kind of hairstyle.

 For this look, you’ll need some extra long hair in order to get the spiraled fishtail braid, but it’s certainly a bold choice!

 Did you know that braids used to indicate a lot of different things in societies, like whether or not a girl was of courting age? I wonder what this one would have said!

 This look shows that if you have a bit of imagination, you can take a simple braid like the Dutch variety, and make it into something magical.

 Seriously, where do these stylists come up with these ideas? It’s amazing that a skill that is also meant to make rope stronger can result in such stunning hair.

 This looks straight out of a fairy tale with the baby’s breath stuck in there. This is great for a formal event, or even if you just want to feel like a princess for the day.

 I wish I had enough hair to pull off this voluptuous look, complete with tiny floral accents.

 If you’re trying to get a bit more volume in your braid, you can do what’s called “pancaking,” which is where you pull the hair upwards. This makes it look like you have more hair than you actually do!

 This braid is described as “feathered dutch braids into stacked fishtail,” but to me, it looks like a work of art.

This is one bold look, and definitely not for beginners like me! I would love for someone else to weave my air into this complicated, symmetrical web, though.

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