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What Was In Fashion The Year You Were Born In

 People usually treat you according to your clothes, so style and fashion are important components of our lives. It’s always interesting to look into the past, because fashion can tell us a lot about people’s life in the era. we  want to show you what people have been wearing the past hundred years.

1916 — 1926

 During this period, perfume was invented, the little black dress appears, skirts become shorter, belts replace corsets, and tuxedos do the same to jackets.

1926 — 1936

 Skirts become a bit shorter. Women are allowed to wear trousers. It becomes fashionable to make accents: breast, waistline, thighs.

1936 — 1946

 Severe war years make us forget about fashion for a certain time: new styles copy the elements of a military uniform. Women all over the world wear as convenient and simple clothes as possible.

1946 — 1956

 During the 50s, people try to compensate for the past bleak war years. A new type of shoe appears — ballet flats. Bright make-up and feminine silhouettes take over the world.

1956 — 1966

 The clothes of the 60s were intended to show the delicacy of women: hats and airy hairstyles became popular all over the world. Skirts became a little shorter again.

1966 — 1976

 The fashion of the 70s was the most liberal: ’Wear what you want,’ says the fashion designers. Jeans are at the peak of their fame, and women start wearing shirts.

1976 — 1986

 The 80s was a time for cavaricci pants, gladiator sandals, the first sweatshirts, and stonewashed jeans.

1986 — 1996

 Punk style has a strong influence on fashion: leggings, blond hair, jackets, and big coats become popular.

1996 — 2006

 Unisex rules the fashion world. People all over the world become bolder and dress as free as they can.

2006 — 2016

Few people are trying to chase fashion, because they will have to buy lots of new clothes every year. The dress fits? Nice!



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