10 Mind-Blowing 3D Tattoo Ideas

 3D tattoos are raging on the internet, and everyday, more unbelievable masterpieces are released.

3D tattoos seem to be so real, they look like real things just placed on the body or photoshopped. But they are genuine pieces of art, requiring huge skills and technique from the tattoo artists creating them. The 3D effect is based on optical illusions. It takes an amount of visual tricks to give the illusion of reality, such as putting shadows and reflections in the right places. Then, your brain is fooling you. According to those visual points of reference, your subconscious is believing that what you see is actually true. This turns 2D tattoos into 3D tattoos, without the help of glasses! Not every tattoo artist is able to create brilliant 3D tattoos (and some are not interested by them at all), but there are masters out there, challenging the art of 3D tattoos a bit more everyday... Want to see some fresh madness? Here are some of the most crazy, mind-blowing and nearly perfect 3D tattoos you need to see!

1- OMG! You could almost play with this vintage joystick tattoo by Niki Norberg!!!

 2- Sharp pencil tattoo by Tomasz Tofi Torfinski!

 3- This butterfly tattoo by Lippo Tattoo looks so real!

 4- Another crazy example of 3D tattoos by Lippo!

 5- Jaw-dropping rose and skull tattoo by Phil Garcia!

 6- Creepy face tattoo by Cassie Stover!

 7- Haha fun photo of a carved stone effect by Joaquim José Maio Cruz!

 8- The head of this fox by John Barrett seems to spring out from the rest of the tattoo!

 9- Incredible biomechanical and horror tattoo by Julian Siebert!

 10- Another carved stone tattoo! Can you name the artist please?

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