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10 Of The Funniest Quotes People Have Actually Put On Gravestones

Coming across cemeteries may bring on a wave of grief, sadness, or other unpleasant feelings. But thanks to some jokesters, it doesn’t always have to be a sad occasion.

While most people are laid to rest with granite or concrete headstones honoring their lives and loved ones, some people decide to take a humorous route with what will be engraved.

No one really wants to think about dying or planning their funeral arrangements, but there are some who don’t look at death in a negative way. Instead, they keep their funny bone all the way to the end.

There are quite a few people who thought long and hard about what they wanted to be written on their tombstones, and the results are absolutely hilarious.

In doing so, relatives and friends who visit to pay tribute to their loved ones may just be able to crack a smile instead of crying.

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Mel Blanc is best known as the voice of Bugs Bunny. It seems only fitting that his tombstone read “That’s all folks,” in tribute to the ending of Looney Tunes.

 As with Mel’s epitaph, Elijah Jefferson’s tombstone nods to what he’s best known for — creating the Ouija board.

Although the letters aren’t quite a quote, “Goodbye” certainly says more than enough.

I think I’d be a little scared to use this board in particular!

 Susan totally owned the “cat lady” name with her hilarious quote and life-size cat statue.

 Janet definitely had a sense of humor when she was living!

This mom wanted to share her famous cookies with everyone — maybe don’t tell people where you got the recipe if you try it out!

 Well, they were right!

 Looks like everyone will just have to wait until they die to figure out what it is — yikes!

 A painter named Patrick Caulfield thought of a creative way to state the obvious.

 Golden Globe-winning actress Joan Hackett keeps people laughing even in death.

 Some people choose to list the names of their children or put a deep, meaningful quote. Then, there’s Mitchell!

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