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11 Fed-Up Teachers Who Had The Perfect Responses To Lazy And Sassy Students

 If you know any teachers, or if you are a teacher yourself, you’re well aware that students can be quite the characters. Each and every student has a unique personality, and it shows in everything they do.

Some kids are quiet listeners and note-takers who always do well on tests and quizzes. Others enjoy clowning around in class — taking any opportunity to make a joke. But when faced with these kids who like to crack jokes, teachers have a fun opportunity to respond with humor as well.

For students who give joke answers on tests, or who simply don’t try, some teachers will use their corrective red pen to be funny in return. Maybe next time these students will even try a little harder to nail their test!

Scroll through below to have a good laugh at these 11 brilliant teacher test responses — each one is funnier than the last!

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 “You shall not pass!”

That’ll teach him to sass.

 “I couldn’t do this problem because an elephant was blocking it.”


Next time, this student may pay more attention to the anatomy of the mammal while avoiding a math problem.

 “Really? The actor?”

When you try to make a silly joke, but a student falls for it.

 “Write any four properties of white cement.”

“It is white in color.”

“You don’t say?”

It certainly took the teacher longer to draw this picture than it took the student to answer the question.

 “Give me an A or the teddy bear gets it…”

Poor bear didn’t have a chance. Savage!

 “I hope this wasn’t as depressing to grade as it was to take it.”

“Pretty much was.”

No one was happy about this test.

 “I ate a glass pane.”

“You’re going to be on TV!”

Bonus points for creativity, but ‘laziness points’ for abandoning logic.


Something tells me this was a science question. The lack of commentary to accompany the giant red X is hilarious enough.

 “I’m too old to read this. What grade do you want?”

But seriously, why do kids insist on writing as if they are tiny elves? Does it really take that much more effort to write in a normal size?


I can see where the frustration comes from after months of trying to get the kids to soak in some information.

“Next time, you copy the answers from your seatmate ON THE RIGHT NUMBER. Cheaters never win!”

Also next time, maybe the student should actually study!

Do your kids ever come home with witty comments on their tests, quizzes, or papers? These are the teachers you want to get on your side, because a sense of humor is a good sign of empathy and intelligence!



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