12 Signs That Are so Bad You Can’t Help but Laugh

 Sometimes, there’s nothing to do but laugh – even if you’re a grammar and spelling nerd, and even if you’re being forced to view the English language in a terribly butchered form. And with these 12 signs, there’s really no other option.

So laugh away with your head in your hands.

#12. Yeah, she does.
 #11. That seems generous.
 #10.McDonald’s ice, or a bag of mice? You decide.
 #9. I can’t even figure this out, honestly.
 #8. Ummmm.
 #7. There’s something off about that funnel cake
 #6. I laughed so hard.
 #5. It’s hard to find experienced sandwiches.
 #4. Something seems off, but I can’t quite put it into words.
 #3. The pole placement really makes it.
 #2. I feel strangely attacked.
 #1. No comment necessary.

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