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15 Kids And Parents Who Won “Crazy Hair Day”

 Crazy Hair Day is a newer tradition for elementary schoolers and their parents. It wasn’t around when I was a kid, and that’s a bummer! For one day a year, grade schoolers and their parents are encouraged to come up with the craziest hairdos they can think of. It’s like Halloween, but for your hair!

And we’re not talking about mohawks or spiky hairdos. Those wouldn’t even get an honorable mention on Crazy Hair Day. Looking through this list, you’ll see just how creative kids and parents can be. Some of these hairdos are so elaborate you’ll wonder how anyone could have pulled them off. Others are deceptively simple, using common household items to make something surprising and delightful.

Check out these crazy hairdos from Crazy Hair Day. If you’re like me, and didn’t get to experience Crazy Hair Day yourself, you’ll be wishing you could redo elementary school like Billy Madison.

1. Bugging Out
 2. Cold Blooded
 3. Rainbow Connection
 4. Goooooooal!
 5. Autumn Awesomeness
 6. Hair Donut
 7. Spidey
 8. O Christmas Tree
 9. Hair Bonfire
 10. Hair of the Dead
 11. Hair Root Beer
 12. Down On The Farm
 13. Surf’s Up
 14. The Lorax
 15. The Birdcage



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