15 Photos That Show How Weight Loss Can Affect The Face

These people turned their lives around.

1. Lexi And Danny Reed
 Drastic weight loss is a long and arduous journey. It takes a lot of perseverance and courage to commit to the process, but the results are always worth it. While severe weight loss affects the body, it also can completely transform someone’s face. The following faces are almost unrecognizable after losing upwards of fifty pounds.

As a married couple, Lexi and Danny Reed committed to their weight loss goals together. Between them, they’ve lost a total of 400 pounds. While both have lost a significant amount of weight, Lexi’s face shows a significant amount of weight loss.

2. Kimberly
 You wouldn’t think that these two photos were of the same girl. Kimberly’s face has completely changed over her 120-pound weight loss journey. And she did it all the old-fashioned way, through diet and exercise. You can tell that she feels a million times more confident.

3. Noah
 Noah Kingery has a new lease on life since his dramatic weight loss. Before, he looked a bit sullen but now he is full of energy, and let’s not ignore the fact that he is a total hunk.He now works as a nutritionist and has even made some TV appearances to talk about his journey.

4. Haley
 This girl needs a new passport photo, cause airport security isn’t going to buy that this is the same girl. “Guys this is really important, I had to look at my passport the other day and my face is different now,” she captioned this Instagram picture. This girl should be traveling the world showing off her fine self.

5. Complete 180
 This has got to be one of the most dramatic transformations on this list. Her entire face seems to have shrunk. She now has defined features and her eyes even look bigger because they’re not hidden by chubby cheeks. She says that she’s been obese since she was young. She went from weighing 200 pounds to weighing 118!

6. Is This The Same Girl?
 Wow, I can’t even believe this is the same person. Her face seemed to be swallowed up by her excess weight. After she shed 70 pounds, we now see these amazing cheekbones! She is positively glowing, and she says that she is “so much happier.” She certainly looks it.

7. Hey There, Stud
 Hey, Mr. Blue Steel. This guy went from being a bit more than pudgy to Mr. Steal Your Girl. Those blue eyes are just so much more open now. He lost over 70 pounds in total. So, is he a model now, or what?

8. Well, Look At You!
 This guy went from an unconfident teenager to Mr. Sexy Hipster of the year. Over seven years, he lost 110 pounds. Now he only weighs 145 pounds! This may be the definition of a glow up. This guy has definitely got me swooning.

9. Ashley
 This girl has lost half of her weight in just a year-and-a-half. She used to weigh 330 pounds and now she’s down 165 and looking like Florence Welch. Ashley says that My Fitness Pal helped her track what she was eating and kept her on track.

10. New Body, Who Dis?

 Wow, who knew that there was such an amazing jawline under there? This woman lost more than half of her weight in five years. She also looks like she’s about 10 years younger with that shiny new face!

11. Eveline

 What a difference six months can make. Eveline lost nearly 50 pounds in just six months. She cut her calorie intake to about 1400 calories per day and exercised five times a week. She never gave up, and now her face is positively beaming.

12. Full Of Energy
 This mint-haired beauty says that she feels like a teenager again with all her new-found energy. She dropped from 300 pounds to 160 pounds in just a little over a year. After a year of managing her weight loss, she decided to get the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.

13. Fitness Junkie
 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can cause weight gain in women who suffer from it. But, this girl worked through her illness. She went from 225 pounds to 130 pounds. She says she went being addicted to junk food, to being addicted to fitness. Now, look at those amazing cheekbones!

14. Thanks Reddit
 In just one year, this man lost 145 pounds. He credits the Reddit community for helping to keep him on track. He also said that My Fitness Pal helped him keep his goals in mind. He isn’t done with his fitness journey yet. He is currently at 247 pounds, but wants to get down to 220.

15. Hey Cutie!
Hey there, cutie pie! Who knew there was such a spunky bright-eyed kid in there. She lost 110 pounds in 10 months and she’s still going. She already looks impeccable. But, good on her for staying so motivated.

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