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15 Weird Animal Crossbreeds That Are Hard To Believe Actually Exist

 When someone says a crossbreed, the first thing we think about is a dog or a cat. Because we’re used to seeing exotic cats and kind of wired looking type of dog breeds. But that’s not where the human experiments and imagination ends. It’s not like we’re the evil scientist who’re trying to recreate the dinosaurs or something.

We are responsible for some of the crossbreeds that you’re about to see on the list. But some of them just simply happened. There’s no specific use for a wild animal crossbreed to us humans. But if a bunny and a cat can mate, then zebra and a donkey can mix as well.

Most of the animals you’re about to see are exceptions. There’s no record of a crossbreed that actually turned into a new species.

Goat + Sheep is equal to a Geep

The Geep (not the car Jeep) is quite similar to the Zonkey. There’s no specific reason for crossbreeding a goat and a sheep, but it happens and this is how it looks like. We’re not sure what they were thinking when they crossbreed a goat and a sheep, except the fact that this new hybrid has a cool name.

 Breed Established Thanks To Global Warming

We’re not sure how to properly define this new bear hybrid. We’re responsible for global warming, which means the reason why this cross between a polar bear and a brown grizzly bear exists is our fault. The polar and the brown grizzly bear started crossbreeding because they invaded each other territory during the breeding season.

 Male Tiger + Female Lion equals a Tigon

It seems like the Liger wasn’t big and scary enough, so we needed to crossbreed a male tiger and a female lion. The Tigon is, of course, similar to the Liger in a way. It’s not as big as the Liger, but it is bigger than a male lion for sure.

 The Zebra and Donkey mix is known as Zonkey

You don’t really need to be a scientist or something to guess the two animals that crossbreed to create the Zonkey. The zebra legs and the donkey face is what makes the Zonkey an attraction. And of course, there’s no chance at all that you’ll see a Zonkey out in the wild.

 Have you ever heard about the Jaglion

This cross between a male jaguar and a female lion looks breathtaking. The sad part is that the Jaglion is not a work of nature, and they most hybrid males are infertile. Most of these hybrids are bred by humans, although they can sometimes occurred naturally in the wild.

 Male Lion + Female Tiger equal a Liger

The monster you’re looking at the picture above is not a work of nature. There are no Ligers in the wild. They only exist in captivity where they are deliberately bred. As you can notice they are huge, weighing over 410 kg (904 lb).

 Coyote+Wolf is equal to a Coywolf

And finally, we have a hybrid that is pure work of nature. Coyote and the wolf are quite similar animals. The two are able to produce offspring, and it’s kind of difficult to recognize a coywolf in the wild if you’re not an expert in this field.

 Zebra + Any Other Equine

Zebras can practically mate with any other animal, as long as it’s the same size and willing to mate with a Zebra. The hybrid you’re looking at above is between a horse and a zebra. The Zebroid looks like a painted horse, but it is far more aggressive than a regular horse.

 Cama: a cross between a male camel and a female llama

The existence of Camas is only for entertaining purpose. There are no extra features that Cama can offer to beat a camel or a llama. It’s actually the opposite, camels and llamas are more useful than the crossbreed.

 The famous Savannah cat

Even though the Savannah cat looks like your ordinary cat, it doesn’t act like one. When it comes to the personality, it’s more like a dog rather than a cat. The Savannah cat likes to fetch, it’s not afraid of water and wags its tail.

 Female Donkey + Male Horse equals to a Hinny

You’ve probably heard of mules before? Well, the Hinny hybrid is similar to a mule but much less common. We have to admit, the Hinny hybrid looks better than the mule one. But on the other hand, the mule can be useful for transportation and the Hinny is not that type of an animal.

 Male Leopard + Female Lion equals to a Leopon

Some people simply love to crossbreed exotic animals, especially wild cats. The leopard and the lion come from the same family of cats, but they’re sworn enemies in the wild. They fight and compete for territory and pray, which means there’s no wild Leopon out there.

 The Iron Age Pig

There’s only one reason to crossbreed a pig with a wild boar, and that’s, of course, more meat. This is probably the oldest crossbreed on the list. It was first bred during the Iron Age period, which fell between 1200 BCE and 600 BCE.

 The Wholphins hybrid

The Wholphin is a mix between a female bottlenose dolphin and a male false killer whale. Wholphins are extremely rare and born in captivity. There are very little chances that you’ll see one in the ocean because most Wholphins in the wild are sterile.

 Narwhal + Beluga equals Narluga

Just like the Wholphin, the Narluga is extremely rare as well. But they do occur in the wild, and there’s been an increase in sighting in the North Atlantic. The new hybrid looks more like Beluga than Narwhal simply because they lack the recognizable Narwhal’s long tusk.



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