20 Crazy Photos with Animals Taken Just Before Disaster Struck

 Besides making our lives more convenient, technology has also made people narcissistic and self-obsessive because of the selfie. The obsession to click oneself even while in a toilet has gone to extremes of putting oneself at risk of accidents and high-risk situations. There have also been innumerous cases of foolhardy people taking photographs with wild animals only to suffer an accident split second later. Take a look at 20 animal photos just before disaster struck.

Wannabe crocodile Dundee

When Danish Tourist Johnny Bonde thought of doing a Crocodile Dundee while touring Australia, he got adventurous and posed for a photo with a crocodile. Immediately after, the reptile attacked him and bit his arm injuring him seriously. He did admit later that he had done a stupid thing because even a human grabbed like that would snap out, let alone a cantankerous huge croc.

 Killer Whale

Whales in the Ocean aren’t exactly the same as you see in ocean world. This whale was photographed jumping out of the water. On first glance, it makes such a fantastic wildlife photograph and if you weren’t told about what happened soon after, you too would appreciate it as such. Well, the whale landed on the two men in the boat and killed them instantly.

 Crazy Racoon

Well Rocket Raccoon is best watched on TV only because if you suddenly think of taking a selfie or a photograph with a real raccoon, this is what might happen. Raccoons are aggressive animals and always perceive everything as a threat perhaps because of their size.

 Mad camel

If you think of taking a photograph next to a camel, at least keep a safe distance away. This camel might have seen that shiny black mop of hair and got ideas to make a meal of it. It also seems that the person taking the photo must have been enjoying himself instead of warning what was about to happen.

 Just taking a leak

Well!! This isn’t a photograph showing danger from an animal in any way but we couldn’t help posting it here as it is so incredibly funny. All she wanted was to sunbathe but it seems this guy was too upset with someone in his spot and what better way to shoo them away. That’s like saying “Piss on you”.

 Shark tales

When surfer Seth Mead was surfing on Oregon’s Gold Beach, he realized a shark right next to him in the water and so did the person taking the photo. But! It was too late, the shark pushed Mead out of the water while attacking him and chomping down on his left foot. The animal went away but Mead was injured badly.

 Zoo Attack

Thank god for the glass pane separating the animal from spectators. What most people don’t realize is the fact that wild animals were meant to be in the wild. The trauma and restrictions of being in captivity with the inability to be active stresses and irritates an animal making it aggressive and this is what happened here.

 When in doubt, attack

And that is exactly what it seems this Himalayan white tiger decided to do when this man decided to be a hero. This is why you should never drink and visit a zoo because the victim identified as Masood was under the influence of alcohol and leapt across the moat into the Tiger’s enclosure despite warnings not to do so.

 Always protest animal selfies

This sad incident was taken in Yunnan Animal Park in Kunming China. It was reported that after these kids were seen taking selfies with these peacocks who lost their feathers in the process. The birds were so traumatized by the incident that they died a few days after.

 Walrus selfie

Jia from China had the fantastic idea of taking a selfie with a walrus in Yeshanko Wildlife Zoo in Weihai, China. That turned out the most fatal mistake of his life. Even after he had clicked a few shots, the giant walrus attacked him grabbing him in its jaws and dragged him to its pool of water. When the animal keeper of ten years tried to save Jia, the animal drowned them both.

 Don’t underestimate squirrels

If you think wild squirrels are sweet and cute critters think again, Brian Genest is one such man who will make you change your mind. In 2014, this squirrel was sitting on the rail in a local park when Brian decided to ask his mom to take a photo of him next to it. The squirrel attacked him crawling all over him while he frantically struggled to get it off., His mom as weird as it seems, just kept in clicking instead of helping him. She stopped only when he started screaming, “Get this thing off me”

 Octopus hitched a ride on his back

This man was swimming in the Australian ocean and only after coming out did he realize a blue-ringed octopus was stuck on his back. The bite from a blue-ringed octopus can be deadly and cause paresthesias, numbness, breathing difficulty and swallowing.

 He punched a shark

Among animal photos before disaster struck, this photograph became quite famous when surfer Mick Fanning was competing in the J –Bay open finals. A shark came up from behind and attacked him but couldn’t get the better of him after he punched it on the nose. It swam away after that.

 Elephant rage

Elephants aren’t generally ferocious but captivity as mentioned earlier can really get to any animal. It seems this elephant in Khao Yi National Park Thailand had enough and escaped its enclosure going on a rampage. It attacked this car and even broke the windows of a nearby restaurant with its trunk.

 Grizzly slap

This woman thought it was ok to feed grizzly bears in Lake Tahoe, California. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good idea because after all wild animals are wild. They can be unpredictable which exactly the case here was. After feeding she turned and that’s when the bear attacked her and struck her from behind.

 Remembering Harambe

This by far was one of the most tragic incidents when Harambe the gorilla was shot without even posing as a threat. When the 5 year old boy fell into the gorilla’s enclosure, the gorilla came up to the child and was seen hovering over him. Officials perceived a threat to the boy’s life and shot the gorilla. Soon after the incident a shocking video emerged showing that the gorilla was actually trying to protect the child.

 Mad Giraffe

Even Giraffes can go off their rocker now and then. The incident happened on Rinaldo Orfeo Circus Imola, Italy. The Giraffe highly agitated escaped its enclosure and started attacking cars and chasing people. After a few hours it was shot with a tranquilizer.

 Camel bite

This was another unfortunate incident of underestimating animals. Wild animals love food and won’t exactly make a distinction between your hands or food. It was reported that this girl was seriously injured when the camel took a bite of her arm.

 Goats go crazy too

This is what happens when you keep a goat as a pet thinking it may not attack you. This woman found out the hard way and it seems a perfect example of animal photos before disaster struck because the goat jumped up to give her a butt.

Duck selfie

Even Duck selfie can go wrong if our not careful. Ducks may look all harmless and cute but if you are not looking and are not careful, it could spell disaster. This woman found out the wrong way when she was too busy looking at the camera. The duck nipped her finger in the most painful way possible.

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