30+ Bad Christmas Gifts That Would Turn Anyone Into A Grinch

It’s always nice to receive a Christmas present, but let’s not kid ourselves, some gifts straight-up suck. Just because you asked nicely for an Xbox doesn’t mean you’re going to get one – sometimes Santa just thinks a pack of tube socks is more practical. Whatever these people did to land on Santa’s shit list must have been big, because nobody deserves these bad Christmas gifts:

Bad Christmas Gifts

 Beats By DRE
 The Mercedes USB
 Big Ten
 Busted Lotto
 Clubbar :D

 Condoms for Christmas
 Cop Shirt
 Dad And Buried
 Dolphin Blanket
 Egg box :D
 Grandma when she get to know that the girl moved with BF
 Thanks For The iPad Grandma!
 iPad Sketcher
 Iron In Board
 The Kama Sutra Pop-up book
 Khakis :D
I'm loving it
 Match Dad

 Nacho Bar
 Peter Heater
 Potatoe :D
 Salad Spinner
 Sexy Christmas Mermen
 Stinky Gift

 Thanksgiving Fails
 Toilet Jar
 Used Soap :O
 Xbox Vs Glasses
 What do you think about these hilarious Christmas Gifts?

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