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30 Most Funny 10 Year Challenge Jokes and Memes

To participate in this challenge, you must dig up an old picture from 2009 and post it up along with your current photo in 2019 to show your transformation.  This trend is immensely popular among the masses and even celebrities have jumped on this trend. They’re posting their photos then and now to flaunt their timeless class.

However, like all other things that are posted up online, #10YearChallange has led to the creation of many hilarious memes. We have listed up some of the funniest #10YearChallange memes in this post.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.
1 Ever heard of reverse aging?

 2 10 year challenge with no filter
 3 Aqua Man definetly got smarter
 4 Just Nokia things
 5 Story of my life
 6 Enought said i suppose
 7 That escaleted qickly
 8 Brutal reality of our society
 Eye Chart

 What kind of challenge is that
 Progmmer's 10 year challenege
 Bugs has been on bulk mode
 10 Year challenge LOL
 They're outta hands now!
 Vogue cover to rogue cover
 What's the most genius idea you've heard in the past 10 years?
 Happy family...
 10 year challenge emotional edition
 How times have changed
 Thats my heart
 Most hurtful transformation
 Sate Dining Room in the White house : 2009 Vs 2019
 Students accepts 10 year challenge
 When Grape becomes raisin
 Aging hurts
 Every chicken has too see this challenge once
 Ok,Ed just won the 10 year challenge
  That Cat Is a Fan of Kendell jenner
 Toblerone lost some weight
 That's my challenge for lifetime



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