33 Friends Quotes To Remind You That Life Peaked In The 90s

Friends, the show we all watched with envya as we wished we could have friends that cool while living in New York City. And if this collection of quotes from Friends proves anything, it’s that life thoroughly peaked in 1997:

If you were in prison
You're An Actor

 Beef in Dessert?

 And Bigger B**Bs
 Nice Camouflage
 I'm not even getting a coffee
 He Could Hear Me
 Now I'm Koala Bear
 You Can't Just Give Up
 We were out of Doritos
 Joey, Its a birthday party
 We'll maybe he was nervous
 I'll buy new friends
 Oh, Crap
 Stop being so testosteroney
 You're mayor of the zone
 I don't need that kind of talk in my house
 No, I had se* in high school
 Page Numbers
 You hung up on pizza place?
 That's Help spelt backwords
 Who Called Here?
 Hey, Shaving?
 I rarely practiced my meal before I eat
 Rock, paper scissors
 What's wrong buddy?
 Oh God, Chandler is making his face
 What would you give up?
 A dinosaur died a million years ago?

 You don't own a TV?
 That's Not So Bad
 Here I'm Singing on his wedding day
 Is that a real place?
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