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44 Spoiled Pets Who Are Definitely Living A More Baller Life Than Their Owners

You don’t truly have it made until you have your own bouncy house and are fed treats like some sort of a sultan — or in this case, spoiled pets. Not only do these pets have humans picking up their poop, but they’re fed steak and sushi afterward. Sure, you might have a job and your own place, but do you have a painting of yourself as a dapper gentleman? Because one of the dogs in this gallery does:

First Date directly in the Hotel

 Doggy Bathrobe
 Cat's Bedroom

 Birthday Floating Gift
 Blanket for doggy
 BMW for Pet
 Bouncy House
 Boxer Mannicure
 Bulldog Flowers
 Cat Fort
 Heater for the Cat
 Cruisin Dog at 20k feet
 Dapper Dog

 Dog Art
 Birthday celebrations for dog
 Dog Bling
 Dog Decorations
 Easter Eggs
 Goodest Body
 Hand Fed
 In The Bed
 iPhone for dog
 He Livin Life

 Mini Audi
 New Room
 No Leash
 Paris Hilton
 Pickup for Doggie
 Pig Christmas
 Pig Pancakes
 Doggie in the pool
 The Rich dog in 1st class
 Ridin Shotguns
 Rover rocket
 Silver Platter
 Spa Life

 Special Room

 Steak Dinner
 Steak Sushi
 Sweet Summer
 Window Nap
 Yurt Cat
 Which one did you liked? Share your pet stories in comments :D



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