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50+ Dumbest Things Ever Said By Humans

If there’s one thing we’re never likely to run short of in this world, it’s people saying really stupid things. From celebrities and politicians to regular old Facebook commenters and Twitter users, the folks behind the following dumb quotes might make you lose your faith in humanity altogether:

Are Skeleton Real?

 Arnold Schwarzenegger Gay Marriage
 Ban Science Dumb Questions
 Barraco Barner Dumb Quotes
 Bin Laden Mansion

 Boys With Eyes
 Brahms Bread
 Brittany Fish Dumb Quotes
 Brooke Hogan Women Voting
 Celery Water

 Chicago Skyline
 Chicken Animal Or Birds?
 Crazy Nature
 Dear Parents

 Donald Trump, The black's copy
 Film me youtube
 Gay Penises
 Gay People Feelings
 Gone Insane in 60 seconds
 Green Apples
 How tall I am?
 Ice Poop
 Identity Theft

 Independent Artists
 Jayden Smith Quotes
 Laptop Files
 Mariah on Starving Kids
 Micheal Jackson
 Midgets Night Visions

 Milk Days
 Millionaire Calculations
 Mirror Monitors
 Moving to California
 Nail Polish on Teeth
 Not The Mom
 Obama's Surname
 Oven Cremation
 Pregnant Baby?
 Does it Rain in Australia?
 RIP Grandma, off to Prom
 Rosseta Stone
 Sloth Cat
 Space Battles
 Stupid Elevator dumb quotes
 Sun or Star?
 Titanic is Fake
 Trapped on Escalator
 Troops in Afghanistan
 Twins Dumb Quotes

 Vegetarian Pizza
 What animal is Sonic?
 Which dumbest thing did you like? Share with us in comments



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