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7 Poses That Instantly Make You Look Better in Photos

 In today’s current digital climate, the all too important selfie has become a cornerstone of every person’s online presence. With almost every cell phone now having its own built-in camera, many tech companies take pride in the quality of each camera and its ability to capture seemingly perfect photos.

This, however, means absolutely nothing if you don’t have some basic skills as a photographer! Any person can point a camera and take a photo. But a professional person can take a subject, position them in the right way and take absolutely gorgeous pictures that you can brag about to absolutely everyone.

Here are 7 poses that should instantly assist you in your photography skills, and allow you or anyone else for that matter to look better in every one!

Before we begin, we should stipulate that for absolutely professional-looking photos, there’s just no substitute for someone who has been trained to know what they are doing. So if you’re looking for amazing photos, talk to a professional!
 1) Stick Out Your Chin: This might seem awkward at first, but one of the main reasons you might be seeing a double-chin in your photos (Some even if you don’t even have a double chin) is that people keep their heads tilted low. It’s natural to keep your head down when someone points a camera directly at you, but it’ll look a lot better the second you stick your chin out a bit.
 2) Hug Your Waist: Putting your hands directly on your hips may stick or push your tummy forward making you appear larger than you really are. Taking your hands and covering your waist in such a way adds curviness to your body that will instantly slim your waistline.
 3) Hide Those Hips: Sticking your hips toward the camera will give the optical illusion that your hips are far larger than they actually are. A great trick is to point your hips away from the camera which will instantly transform how you look.
 4) Lift Your Arms: Letting your arms slouch at your side flattens them out and it makes them look large. Use your shoulder to lift up your arm and point it away from your body. It might feel awkward but it will look great!
 5) Elongate Your Neck: Slouching or sinking into yourself gives you the appearance of seeming lumpy or sunken. Elongate your neck by aiming your body in a different way, even looking at a more upwards angle from your position will help you out.
 6) Tilt Your Body: Another great slimming effect is to turn your body and make a sort of ‘S-Shape’ with your legs and arms. This will add curviness to your body, and slim down your waistline.

 7) Get The Camera Above You: At the end of the day it won’t matter if you are taking the photo or a friend is taking the photo, but one great rule to slim down all your features is to try and get the camera above your body. This will help give the perfect angle for nearly every shot!



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