8 Clever Hacks to Clean Your House Like a Pro

According to statistics, on average, 51% of women do housework daily for an average of 2.6 hours a day. That’s a lot of time, and both men and women would like to know some cleaning hacks that can help them save time and money. In this article, you will find some useful tricks that will make doing housework easier with fewer chemicals.

We found 8 cleaning hacks that will make you a housecleaning pro.

1. Use dryer sheets.

There’s one more good solution for cleaning with used dryer sheets. Don’t throw them away after washing clothes, but instead, use them to remove spots and dirt around your house. This method is great to get rid of stains from mirrors and bathroom fixtures, toilet rings, and baseboards.

2. Clean your iron with salt.

The majority of us have burned ourselves on a hot iron at least once in our lives, but here is a good trick on how to clean it in case you don’t have special chemicals or time to shop for them. Take several tablespoons of salt and spread it on a soft cloth. Rub the iron with this cloth until all the marks and spots vanish. After that, wait till the iron is cool and rub it with a wet cloth.

3. Cleaning your stove’s exhaust hood filter

How often do you clean your stove filter? Likely, the majority of us forget about this important detail. But if you’ve decided to become a pro at cleaning your house, there is a good hack to make the old filter new again.

You need water, 1/2 cup of baking soda and a big pan. Add enough water to the pan to submerge the filter in. Boil it and slowly add soda. Now place the filter into the boiling water and wait for a few minutes.

Now the stove filter looks like new!

4. Make your own homemade oven cleaner.

If you’ve decided to be more economical, this hack can help you save a fortune on expensive chemicals for cleaning the kitchen. Make your own effective oven cleaner! You’ll need 4 tbsp of dishwashing liquid, 7.6 fl oz of vinegar, 43 fl oz of lukewarm water, and 3.7 fl oz of lemon juice/citron extract.

You will be surprised at how good it cleans and how much money you’ll save.

5. Clean the floor with black tea.

Black tea is not just a good drink, but it is also a perfect cleaner for your wooden floor. Some people probably already know that it’s good for rubbing on mirrors to make them shine, but it has the same effect on wooden floors.

Take 4 tea bags and boil them in water. Leave the bags steeped for as long as possible. However, if your floor has a lighter color, it’s better not to brew it for a very long time. Now the cleaner is ready. Just wet a cloth with the tea and start wiping.

6. Make your dishwasher shine with vinegar.

All you need to make your dishwasher crystal clean is vinegar. This ingredient has an antibacterial effect and helps to get rid of stains.

After running the dishwasher, wipe the edges and seal it with vinegar. Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the dishwasher and run a short cycle.

7. Cleaning a wooden cutting board

All of us use a cutting board from time to time, but we all should remember that lots of bacteria stay on it if you don’t clean it properly. To clean your board, you can use lemon, baking soda and vinegar.

  1.     Just spread baking soda on the surface of the cutting board, then rub it with a lemon.
  2.     Wipe the cutting board with a cloth and vinegar.

Don’t forget to rinse the board with water after cleaning.

8. Clean your microwave without chemicals

 ou’ll need a small dish, 2 drops of lemon essential oil, 2 tablespoons of water and a sponge.

Place essential oil and water on a small dish and put it in the microwave. Turn it to high power for 1 minute. Open the microwave and place the sponge inside the dish. After the sponge soaks everything, clean the inside.

Do you have your own secrets to clean your house like a pro? Share them with us below!

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