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8 Hilarious Yearbook Quotes That Will Always Be Remembered

 As we all part ways after high school, we might not get the final say over our embarrassing yearbook photo. However, we do get a quote to leave behind for our fellow classmates to remember us by. Usually people use their yearbook quote to:

  1. Write an inspirational quote
  2. Shout out to best friends
  3. Write plans for the future
These students decided not to take the mundane route of rehashing overused inspirational quotes that we often see.

Instead, these specially selected quotes give us some real perspective of who these people really were in high school.

1. Sarah decided to be quite honest with her yearbook quote, explaining the real reason she was always so smiley. She may have a contagious laugh, but now those who joined in will know what she really found so funny.
 2. Joanna Clark followed another student’s quote from Oprah with a much more questionable role model. Quoting the hotel heiress, Paris Hilton, this quote doesn’t give the best impression of Sarah’s future work ethic.
 3. Taking a stab at her generation, Katia Perez left quite a pessimistic quote about her future after high school.
 4. Sean decided to use his yearbook quote to comment on the state of yearbook quotes, referencing his yearbook neighbor Stephanie.
 5. Brandon chose an unconventional yearbook everything. Instead of the typical yearbook photo, Brandon instead chose to pose duck. To top it all off, Brandon felt it was obligatory to use his quote to let his fellow students know that Canada’s milk comes in bags.

 6. These girls with the last name Nguyen are sick of people thinking they are related.The four decided to use their yearbook space to boldly remind their classmates one final time.
 7. This girl decided to take a common quote and take it one step further by providing a comedic solution.
 8. This girl was not super into the idea of a quote and instead decided that this could be an opportunity to ask the bigger questions in life.



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