Hilariously Funny And Disasterous Wedding Photos

Here comes another batch of hilarious wedding photos for you to laugh at. These pictures will have you laughing until you can’t laugh anymore. Note to all couples getting married: Spring for an actual wedding photographer so your pictures don’t end up in a gallery like this

There will be no cold feet today.

 We may have a small problem.

This bride and groom are pretty creative I will give them that. This photo is pretty hilarious. Look at his struggle with that shoe.

 Time to lay off the drinks.

I think that this mom has officially had enough to drink. She might want to think about relaxing because she’s gonna have a mean hangover in the morning.

  Young wild and free.

This bride and groom are all about doing things their way. How cool is that? They don’t care what anyone thinks about their choice of wedding attire.

 The carpet matches the drapes.

These bridesmaids obviously were inspired by the curtain behind them. How else do you explain these hideous dresses? At least the flower girl got a normal dress.

 Aren’t we having so much fun?

This bride is just thrilled to be enjoying her wedding dinner with her passed out groom and her cat. What could be more fun?

 No! You can’t have it.

 Excuse me sir but this is my bottle and I will drink however much of it I want. Stop trying to take it from me.
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