If Your Boyfriend Does These Things, He Truly Loves You

 Relationships can get tricky at times.

You may be dating someone. But you may be not sure whether he loves you. Would it be too soon to jump the gun with an 'I love you' or should you wait a while? But how can you make sure if he actually loves you or is he only 'hanging out' with you? Surely, you must be going through turmoil in your head with a new relationship, but how can you find out?

What if your love for your partner is never reciprocated? Or what if he might just say that he loves you but still not mean it! These thoughts lead to numerous fears and fears lead to insecurities. So how do you overcome them? How do you find out if he really loves you?

Well, these signs can tell the truth without an actual 'I love you'. Want to know if your boyfriend is really into you? If you want to know the reality, then keep reading!

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1. A good morning text.

 If he makes it a point to text you in the morning, you are surely the first thing in his mind. You should be flattered that he makes it a point to drop a text without fail. Even before his day begins, he wants you to be in it, and that's a sure sign of love.

2. He's always happy to see you. 

 No matter how hard his day has been or the fact that he may be super tired from work, but he gets a smile on his face when he sees you. You're the light of his life and be proud of it.

3. He patiently listens to you.

 It's true when we say that girls can keep talking endlessly, but if a guy is truly interested in you, he will listen to anything you have to say patiently. He won't complain that you talk too much because he knows you look lovely when you speak your heart out.

4. He respects your opinions.

 If you have something to say about his haircut, clothes, or randomly something related to worldly affairs as well, he will take your opinion into consideration. If your opinions matter to him, so do you.

5. He doesn't mind you taking up most of the bed.

 Even though you're a tiny person, he still lets you take up most of the space on the bed just to squeeze in a tiny spot himself. Now that's a keeper!

6. He's always there to help.

 Whether you're sick, or you need help with groceries, or you've only had a hard day at work, your boyfriend is there to look after you no matter what.

7. He remembers important dates.

 It's pretty incredible when your boyfriend remembers important dates like anniversaries, birthdays, etc. It means that the dates that influenced his life are very important to him as well.

8. He surprises you for no reason.

 It doesn't have to be anything grand, but sometimes he shows up at your doorstep with cupcakes that you really like or he manages to drop by at your workplace for lunch. These little things are sure signs that your man is falling for you.

9. He enjoys the things you like.

 Even if it is going to the spa on Sunday instead of watching a football game. He likes to accompany you because he cares about your interests.

10. He likes to get romantic with you.

 For him, romance doesn't mean getting into your pants. He loves to spend time with you so that he can get to know you better instead of just showing you the way to his bedroom.

11. He's proud of you.

 He treats you like his princess and boasts about even the smallest achievements you make.

12. He's protective of you.

 That doesn't mean he will go beat up every other guy who speaks to you. But your man will definitely defend you in front of his friends and do anything because you're his girl.

13. He loves cuddling.

It's not true that only girls love to cuddle. If a man actually loves you, he would love to hold you close and cuddle with you.

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