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Illustrations to Remind You to Love Yourself

 We all need to take a little time out of our days once in a while to realize that we matter, things will get better and that it’s important to love ourselves.

An illustrator from Hong Kong that goes by the name Big Heads draws great comics that are all about this theme.

Look through these and take them to heart.

1. It all means something
 2. It will
 3. Learn to live with it
 4. A balance
 5. It takes time
 6. Relax once in a while
 7. You have to do it
 8. We’ve all been through a lot
 9. It’s ok to be unique
 10. Give a hug
 11. You are great
 12. Love yourself
 13. Live your own life
 14. It will be over sometime
 15. You can do it!



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