Mom's Unreal 'Fixer Upper' Dollhouse Even Impressed Joanna Gaines

 Prepare for a big case of tiny home envy, because one woman's stunning dollhouse is sure to impress you.

Whether or not you grew up playing with dolls, there's something about really impressive play-sets - like the Barbie Dream House - that made everybody want one.

But Kwandaa Roberts took inspiration for her three-story playhouse from a more modern source: HGTV's Fixer Upper.

Magnolia Miniature

  Roberts is a 45-year-old OB-GYN who has been playing with and designing dollhouses since she was a child.

She rediscovered her flair for the hobby when she had her own daughters.

Roberts says she caught herself playing with their dollhouses after they went to sleep.

 Her latest project started with a dollhouse from Joanna Gaines's own Target brand, Hearth and Hand.

Strangely, the original dollhouse didn't really match the Magnolia Designs style from Fixer Upper.

So Roberts decided to do some renovating.

 "I think I’m just going to go all the way out,”

Roberts rebuilt the house from scratch, turning it into a model home truly worthy of Fixer Upper.

 “I said, you know what, I think I’m just going to go all the way out,” she told Today Homes.

And she sure did.

 The doctor spent two months and about $250 on the project, and we'd move in today if we could.

Just wait until you get a close-up look at all the little details in the house.

Crafty Designs

Roberts did a major overhaul on the dollhouse, including some small-scale demolitions.

The staircases were removed, along with a wall on the first floor to suit her open concept plan.

Almost all of the furniture that came with the home had to be replaced too.

 Roberts set a $10 limit for every part of the home, and made most of the decorations herself.

 Look closely and you'll notice some of her creative touches:

1- The walls and floors are "tiled" using scrapbook paper.
2- Roberts added exposed wooden roof beams.
3- There are working light fixtures.
4- Some of the chairs have been reupholstered with fabric from Michaels.
5- The glass-front shower is made of wood and plexiglass.
6- The front of the home is layered with tiny shiplap.

 Turning The Design On Its Head

Some of the furniture has been cleverly re-purposed too.

 Roberts bought the wooden bookshelves, but flipped them upside-down for a "modern" look before adding light fixtures.

And the wicker light in the master bedroom is actually a model chicken coop.

 The home even includes tiny copies of Magnolia Journal, and Chip's book Capital Gaines is on the bedside table.

 The dollhouse got a lot of attention, but the best feedback of all came from Joanna Gaines herself.

"I can't get over this amazing doll house"

Roberts posted her creation on Instagram for friends and family to enjoy.

But when Joanna Gaines took notice, it became a viral hit, and Roberts gained 30,000 followers overnight.

“I can’t get over this amazing doll house finish out?!?” Gaines posted on Instagram.

Now, her adoring fans are telling her they want to steal her ideas to remodel their actual homes.

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