Teen Keeps Posting Half-Makeup Selfies On Social Media And Gets Trolled

 Maisie Beech, 19, a student from Flemington, Wales posted selfies of her face half covered with makeup and half cosmetics free on social media. The purpose behind posting these selfies was to depict the dramatic difference in makeup and no makeup face.

The teen thought that she will receive a positive response for her half-makeup selfies but instead got subjected to abuse and negatively trolled on social media. Maisie just wanted to convince her followers about the power of cosmetics but ended up receiving horrible comments such as ugly, scary and disgusting.

Check out the half-makeup selfies and the story of Maisie Beech.

Maisie Beech thought that her half-makeup selfies will receive appreciation on social media. 

 This 19-year-old girl just wanted to show her love for makeup but instead got subjected to harsh criticism by her followers. She wanted to empower women to make them feel good for both makeup, and no makeup look. Unfortunately, she ended up convincing people that make up is necessary for every woman in our society. 

British teenager loves to wear makeup, but also feels comfortable barefaced. 

 She took the decision of posting her half-makeup selfies on social media when her brother got surprised by her amazing transformation by makeup. Her pictures soon went viral on social media with around 2 million views in just two weeks. But the shocking comments on her images prove that women need to look perfect all the time. 

Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic got impressed with her unusual snaps

 To Maisie's surprise, she received a more negative response than positive ones. After seeing her natural face, some commentators even stated that Maisie had cancer or alopecia. 

Men made nasty comments about Maisie's appearance without makeup. 

 Maisie got shocked to receive negative criticism from her followers. One of the commentators said, 'Take her swimming on a first date.' One commentator said, 'I will punch her in the face if she woke up next to me.' 

Later women also started criticizing Maisie on her looks.

 Some ladies even claimed that they don't need to wear makeup because they are naturally beautiful. Her confidence started to decline with the harsh comments on her looks. 

Later this brave teen decided to avoid the negative comments on her appearance. 

 This teen believes that makeup is creative and essential part of fashion. Maisie spends half an hour each day applying makeup. She was overwhelmed with the positive comments for her half-makeup selfies.

She stated: 'There were very few remarks if I'm honest, and it is sad. But I was aware that if I was putting it in the public domain, I am opening myself up to criticism. But the positive remarks did make it all worth it for me; it was nice to have some recognition for what I do outside of family and friends.' 

Maisie pictured with her partner Joseph.

Maisie has good knowledge of different makeup styles including fresh and dramatic ones. She stated- 'Personally, I love putting makeup on, it's what I do for fun. I wanted to show that I like makeup, and I wear it for myself, but I'll also happily get on the train brow-less if I want to. It's sad that this is how society is now. Makeup can and is a part of fashion and girls like to experiment and be creative; we don't wear makeup to hide our faces or deceive people. We don't wear makeup for other people; it's something we do for ourselves. Women shouldn't be criticized or called fake or unnatural for wearing makeup in the same way they shouldn't be called ugly if they're not wearing any.'

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