There Are Mistakes In Each of These 10 Pictures, Can You Find Them All?

 Artists are known to create things that are flawless. However, there is a saying that says “You see, but you do not observe.” People, who are super observant, give attention to details to things like people, animals, situations, events etc. They watch and notice nicely and register minute details in their mind just by seeing things.

Observation skills are important for survival in today’s world as it gives an advantage in situations and comes in handy in many workplaces. To check how much observing skills the readers have, we have chosen 10 images in which there are minute mistakes made by the artist.

Let’s see how many and how quickly can you spot these mistakes.

The Astronaut

This image shows an astronaut standing on the moon with space in the background. There is an American flag near the astronaut and a spacecraft parked nearby. The mistake in the image is a very difficult one to find as it seems like it is a rework of a photograph, with stars shining in the background.
 The mistake in the image takes some time and close look at the details. The mistake in the image is that it has two moons. The body in the picture to the left top side of the image is mistaken by many as a planet, as in most pictures, we have seen Earth or some other planet in the background. But here we have another moon.

 The countryside

This image shows a calm and serene countryside. A gentleman is standing on the top of a stone bridge and a tree is seen on the left side of the image and a road near the bridge. A river is flowing beneath the river.
 The mistake in the image is that the river which is shown flowing under the bridge is not continued on the other side of the bridge. Most of the people focus on the gentleman or the bridge and miss the obvious thing in search of something that is not present.

 Shaving in Front of Mirror

This image a pretty cartoonish looking gentleman, who appears to be a vampire, thanks to the two fangs. He is shown in process of shaving his face and is standing in front of a mirror. There is rich lather of soap on his face, long nails, wearing a vest and has a razor in his hand, ready to make the first move.
 Most people think of seeing the fact that why does a vampire shaving his face, or why is he wearing a vest or anything of that matter. However, people miss the Vampire 101, that
 Vampires do not have any reflections. Therefore, the image showing his reflection in the mirror is impossible.

 Polar Bear and Penguins

This image can be termed a sad one as a polar bear and two families of penguins are shown on a small floating piece of ice. It seems like the penguins are not happy with the polar bear taking up space on the ice.
 The mistake in this image is not that the piece of ice is not big enough for all the animals or anything else. The answer lies in the geographical in nature. You see, Polar Bears are found at the North Pole of the planet and penguins live at the South Pole of the planet. It makes the anger of the penguins more genuine to see a polar bear near them.

 Mom Serving breakfast

This image shows a mom serving breakfast to her three kids and a very happy cat. There are three glasses on the table full of milk and two bowls of cereal in front of the kids. The mistake in this image is very hard to find.
 The mistake in this image lies in the details drawn by the artist. Look closely at the jug held by the mother. Though there is milk coming out of it and going into the glass, there is no milk in the jug itself.

 Desert and Camels

Camels are called the ship of the desert and the image shows two poor camels journeying through the desert, with the blazing sun over them. A small tree is seen in the background.
 The mistake in this image is that there are no shadows of the animals falling on the sand. With the sun blazing on them in the right-hand top corner, the shadows should have been seen in the lower left side of the image.

 London Street

This image shows a quaint London street with a red bus and a black cab passing each other. A red colored telephone booth is seen in the image.
 In order to find the mistake in this image, one needs to have a very good knowledge of rules of the road and also a very sincere and keen focus on the image. The mistake in this image is that in the UK, the traffic people drive on the left-hand side of the road, unlike the USA, where people drive on right-hand side.

 Country House

The image shows a scene of a house, a boundary wall and a gate with a road going through space of the house. Something is cooking in the house, as there is smoke coming out of the chimney. The scenery also shows greenery, hills and the wonderful wind blowing.
 The image shows beautiful scenery in the background and the mistake in the image is right in front of you. If seen with focus, you can see that the wind is blowing in two different directions, as the leaves on the trees are moving in one direction and the smoke from the chimney is going in other direction.

 Girl trying on clothes

The image shows a girl trying on new clothes and a stylish hat. The girl is admiring herself and the hat in the mirror in the changing booth. She is also seen adjusting the hair and the hat in the process.
 The mistake in this image is something that takes time to notice. The image is full of things which could be a mistake. But the original mistake is in the mirror image of the girl. The positioning of the hands in the mirror image is incorrect. The right hand is shown as the left hand in the mirror and vice versa.

 City Street and Hoardings

The last image is full of things that could be mistaken. It has a building, vehicles, intersection, shops, showrooms, and what not. It is a very difficult image to find mistakes in and there are many mistakes in this image, unlike other images that had one or two mistakes.
 The mistakes in this image are right in front of your eyes, but well hidden. The first mistake is that the football poster shows a date that doesn’t exist –December 32.
 The second mistake is that there are no doors to the tram and the tram is also traveling without any rails on the road. The last mistake is that the signal on the top has only green and yellow colors and no red color.

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