Woman’s Skin Melted Off When She Saved Girl From Burning Home

 The second someone becomes a parent, their life changes forever. The focal point becomes their child, and they would do absolutely anything to protect them and ensure they live a happy life. In some cases, they would even risk their lives for them.

Angel Fiorini, a mother of three children, almost died while rescuing her children from a tragic house fire.

She woke up around midnight because she was unable to breathe, and that is when she realized that her house, which resides in Washington, was covered in smoke.

She told PEOPLE that her house was already burning hot despite the fire being on the opposite side of the house. It was at that moment that she knew she didn’t have much time and that she needed to get her family out of there.

 She immediately grabbed her two youngest children, Vinnie, who is 4-years-old, and Rosalie, who is 2-years-old, and took them outside to safety. She quickly ran back inside to get her 8-year-old daughter Gianna. Unfortunately, Angel’s boyfriend, who is also the father of the three children, was not home at that time.

 She explained that her house was burning down extremely fast and the smoke was so thick that she could barely see in front of her. There was no one to call for help, and she knew that if she waited any longer, her house would burn down with her daughter inside. She also mentioned that she knew exactly where her daughter was so all she needed to do was find a way inside.

 This is a situation that no mother wants to be in, but Angel gives all the credit to God for giving her the strength to go back into the burning home and find a way to her daughter’s bedroom.

 The brave mother found a way up to Gianna’s bedroom and dragged her out the front door. It was so hot in the house that Angel’s skin melted off her hand when she turned the doorknob. The skin was hanging from her and her daughter’s arms and they both suffered third-degree burns.

 During her recovery process, Angel almost died because she was suffering from bacterial pneumonia and pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolism is when the major blood vessel in the lung is blocked by a blood clot. In some cases, the clot is small and is not deadly, but because Angel was exposed to so much smoke, the clot was big and could have proven deadly.

 The recovery process was long and required skin grafts, but her community was so warm and caring that they got the family a new car, new furniture and a mobile home they could live in until everything was sorted out. The community also started a gofundme account that would help them rebuild their life piece by piece.

 Angel and her boyfriend Aaron decided to get married once her recovery process was complete. The couple had already been together for 15 years, but Angel couldn’t be happier. She explains that they were not only celebrating the love they have for each other but the survival of her and Gianna as well.

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