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15 Surprising Uses of Potatoes You Never Knew About

 Potatoes are total multitaskers, and we are not just saying that because they can double up as fries and steak accompaniments, but potatoes can really be used for a ton of other purposes. The reason a lot of people don't know about this is because we almost never talk about it. But potato does not only belong on the dinner table. It is actually a must-have for every home.

Did you know can potatoes can be used for medicinal purposes? They can also be used as a skincare product and can act as a natural scrub. Potatoes can also be used for shining shoes, cleaning glasses and it has a number of other uses. So, let's have a look at how to make the most of the potatoes in your kitchen.

In case of metal rusts

Did you know that you can totally fix rusty metals with potatoes? Interestingly, metal rust is one of the most stubborn household problems and is very difficult to deal with. We bet you have a number of rusty utensils in your kitchen which you don't know how to clean? You can always use potatoes for help.
 Here's what you need to do. Cut the potato in half. Mix some table salt with detergent and baking soda. Take the cut potato and rub it on the mixture. Then apply it on the rust for a few minutes. You can repeat the process with new slices of potatoes. Don't overuse one piece. After you are done rinse off the utensils with water.

Treating burns

Did you know potatoes can help you cure aggressive burns? It works wonders for minor rashes and sunburns. What you need to do is cut up the potatoes into slices. You can even grate it but slices will make your work easier. If you have a minor burn, dab the burn with dry cloth, and use the potato slices on your burnt area. The potato produces cooling juices which would soothe your skin. Repeat the process for 15 - 20 minutes, until the burn feels better. You might need to do think for two or three days.

 For worse burns

If you have burnt yourself while cooking or boiling water, it is better to use potato juices as it works faster. You can also use finely mashed potatoes. Here's what you do: Apply the mashed potato or the juice on the affected area, and keep it there until the pain somewhat subsides, which can take a few minutes. Don't use the same mixture for hours, and switch it up after a few rounds.

Keeping it stain-free

Potatoes also help you to take out the greasiest stains, especially from expensive fabrics. If you have spilled some gravy or wine on the tablecloth or sheets, simply grate some potato in some water and apply the water on the stained areas, preferably with a sponge so it soaks gradually. Continue doing it until you see the stain getting lighter. After that, rinse the cloth with cool water. Did you know that you can even remove stains from your skin with potatoes? Vegetables like berries or beetroots can often leave stains on our skin, and you can just cut a potato in half and run it on your hands to clean them.

Potatoes - clean shoes

You've probably noticed that sometimes even shoe polish is not enough for cleaning shoes, especially the ones which have long-settled dust on them. Potatoes can be a miracle-worker here. Cut some potatoes in halves and use those pieces to clean the upper stubborn surface of the shoes. You'll notice the dust and the dirt comes off, but not entirely. After cleaning it with a potato, take a clean, dry tissue and rub it on the pointed surface.

 Potatoes are also utensil cleaners

Blackened silverware is very unflattering and polishing them is a hassle which is often expensive. But what if we tell you that you can shine your silver very easily with a homemade tactic? Yes, you guessed it right. It also involves potatoes. Cut potatoes into halves and boil them in a large medium tub of water. As soon as they are boiled, remove the potatoes. Now, submerge the silver utensils in the potato water for about an hour. After you take them out, you'll notice the sheen in your silverware. Dry the utensils and then clean them up with a dry paper towel. You can also keep up the shine of silver by regularly cleaning them with paper towel.

 Better armpits?

Do you know potatoes are a skin care fixture too? From better skin to better arms, they can bring you everything. If you have stains in your underarms, you're not alone. A lot of people actually suffer from this issue. What you need to do is: Take a clean potato and cut it up into long slices. Take a slice and rub it on your armpits for 3 to 4 minutes. Change slices in between, as it helps the process. It won't work immediately, and you'll have to give it about 30 minutes. After half-an-hour, clean your armpits with water and dry them with dry paper towels.

 There's another way

There's another technique which might work faster. Go for this if you are in a hurry and are headed to a party. Cut potatoes and mash them up, into a fine blend. Use the mashed potatoes on your armpits, and apply them like a paste. Leave them off for like 10 - 15 minutes. Rinse your armpits after taking it off, and you'll immediately notice a difference.

For the pesky headaches

You can even cure the minor headaches with potatoes. Sometimes we experience headaches due to stress or other troubles. While you should seek medical advice for stronger headaches, for minor ones, you can use potatoes. Cut potatoes into slices and put them on your forehead. To keep them there, secure them with a cloth or preferably a gauze. Lie down with that on your forehead and try to relax. Take them out after 15 minutes and you'll notice you feel better. In fact, you can repeat it twice or thrice until you feel considerably light-headed.

 Potato juice works wonders

Do you know potato juice has calcium and Vitamin C? Doctors often recommend drinking potato juice everyday. They cure ulcers, heartburns and also fight bacteria. Besides battling cholesterol and constipation, it also helps you stay more immune to cancer.

 Complete eye care

You probably know this already, but we cannot stress this enough. If your eyes feel tired and look weird even after makeup, you need to switch to the potato treatment. Especially if you are staring at screens all day. At the end of the day just cut up some potatoes and put them on your eyelids. It will freshen your eyes and also get rid of dark circles.

 Acne and blemishes

Potatoes also help you deal with skin problems and acne. This is not an overnight treatment but this definitely works. Rub potato slices on your acne and blemishes before you go to sleep. Next morning, splash your face with cold water. In a few days you will start noticing the difference.

 They can help you with injuries

You can make a cold compress with potatoes and they really work. Just take some mashed potatoes in a cloth and put it over your hurt area, and dab. It doesn’t just relieve the pain and also improves blood circulation.

 Makes glass cleaners

Potatoes also keeps your glass surfaces very clean. But you need to be careful about the process. Just take a potato slice and slowly rub it on the glass windows and tables, to keep the dirt and dust away.

 Potatoes are great for brains

Do you know potatoes improve brain health? Potatoes have alpha lipoic acid which helps brains retain memory and fight Alzheimer's. In fact, eating at least one potato a day will help you regulate your moods throughout the day.



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