19 Panorama Camera Fails That Will Keep You Awake At Night

 We are a world of amateur photographers, turning to our smartphones as soon as we something see anything worthy of being captured on camera - or, more honestly, something that we think will get a lot of engagement on social media.

And one of the most underrated things about most smartphone cameras is that we can take panoramic photos with them. They're pretty great if you're really keen on taking a photo of something only to realize it won't fit into a single shot.

In the past, taking panoramic photos used to be pretty time-consuming and something that could only be achieved by professional photographers. But these days, creating stunning panorama photos is a cinch. That is, for anyone who has their smartphone at the ready, which, let's face it, is pretty much everyone - and we have them to hand 24/7.

Now usually these panoramic camera mode features work like a charm - "usually" being the keyword. When taking panoramas, it's very easy for the pictures to turn to complete sh*t, especially if you've not got a clue what you're doing.

That's because it's easy for your target to move or for your hand to slip during the process of taking photos. Anyone who's tried the feature will know that this can result in the photos turning out like something from a nightmare.

So, without further ado, here are 19 panorama photos that will keep you awake at night...

1. Fluffy from Harry Potter, is that you?
 Nope, it's just another panorama pic gone horribly wrong. What else?

2. Aww I actually feel sorry for the pooch
 He's usually as photogenic as they come. Damn those panorama features...

3. I am majorly freaked out by this...
 And just a little bit nauseous (okay, I'm actually far past the point of nausea).

4. Some people have it all - brains, beauty... and gigantic arms
 Imagine seeing that in real life though. Actually, let's not imagine it!

5. As if zebras didn't look unique enough
 This stretched-out zebra is basically a slinky... am I right?

6. I've always wanted a pet dog. Just not a corgi. Well, actually, I quite like corgis. What I actually meant to say was: just not this corgi.
 I'm sorry, little guy. Maybe your owner will one day learn the error of their panorama pic-taking ways.

7. She looks like a Barbie doll that some little brat bent out of shape
 Not a good look if you ask me...

8. Okay, dogs can have big-ass tongues and razor-sharp teeth. But a dog without a face? Now that's taking it too far
 This is more tragic than the movie, Marley & Me.

9. I'm not even going to apologize for being a prude. This picture is actually sickening
 Don't barf, don't barf, don't barf... oh who am I kidding? I'm just going to let it all out...

10. Huh? What even is this?
 Just when you thought you'd seen it all...

11. Erm, aren't babies supposed to be cute and innocent
 Because there's nothing cute or innocent about a baby human centipede.

12. It looks like something straight out of an apocalyptic movie
 It's not the end of the world, thankfully.

13. I mean, this could literally be a still off IT... minus the clown
 Freaky doesn't even cut it...

14. Yet another pic fit for a horror movie...
 That freaky-ass look in his eyes is too much.

15. Cats are selfish, independent assholes. They're total snakes. Literally.
 Not that I'm being catty about it or anything...

16. Noooo, not a dog centipede!!!
 A cat centipede, I can handle. A baby centipede, I can sort of handle. But a dog one?! Nope!!!

17. What did you do to this poor, innocent granny?
 I mean, show a little respect for your elders!

18. Y'all thought this was a nice neighborhood, with absolutely no questionable activity going on...
 Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you...

19. It was a crisp fall day like any other. Well, until this came along...
 There are no words to describe this apart from ew!

So there we have it - 19 panorama photos that will keep you awake at night. They're one heck of a testament to being careful next time you use the feature - otherwise, you might just find yourself on a list like this one day!

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