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44 Weird Pictures Straight From The Internet’s Nether Regions

Sure, the internet has been world-changing and allowed us to connect with virtually anybody anywhere, but man, is it ever a vortex of weirdness. All it takes is a few clicks and you can find yourself in a dark corner with weird pictures that will leave your brain in a puddle of confusion.

Prepare your eyes, because after viewing the images in this gallery, you may just want to take a long break from the sideshow circus that is the world wide web:
Avoid the Rabbits

 Baby Taxidermy
 Beef Scent

 Bottle Belly
 Campfire Doll
 Chicken Eyes
 Color Fam
 Drill Psycho
 Fire and Socks
 High Heel Guns
 Hot Dog Prophet
 Human Antenna
 Japan WTF
 Lady And The Deer
 Magnet Kid
 Mean Suit
 Nipple Man
 Nipple VR Guy

 No Idea
 Pancake Head
 PBJ Shave
 Pig Rider
 Poodle Aerobics
 Pumpkin Seduction
 Ride The Lightning
 Serious Now
 Sewing Prom Ups
 Sexy Puddle
 Shoe Mouth
 Sloth Student
 Too many cocks
 Too Much
 Uni Cycle Darth
 Weird Picture caught from internet
 Weird Doggy with Syringe

 Weird Pig
 WTF Cosplay
 WTF Blanket
 WTF Wheelchair
 Yum Crap
 Which Weird picture did you find the most weird one? Do share with us in the comments



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