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Baby Girl Born With Brain Outside Her Skull Is Declared A “Little Miracle”

 It's an unfortunate reality of life that not all babies develop "properly", and many mothers are given the devastating news that their baby will die will in the womb or shortly after birth. This reality was faced by Karlie Toland's parents after she was born with her brain outside of her skull.

Her parents were told that she would only live for 20 minutes because of the severity of her condition, which was caused by five separate issues, including encephalocele. However, little Karlie fought through her illness and has now made a miraculous recovery.

To discover what happened to a baby whose brain grew with his skull, check out the video below:

After defying the odds to survive for longer than doctors expected her to, Karlie was taken to Belfast's Royal Hospital for Sick Children by her parents Gemma Mccusker, 24, and Kyle Toland, 20, and underwent a five-hour operation to repair her outside brain tissue.

The now 17-month-old is able to crawl, eat on her own, and her parents are looking forward to her taking her first steps.
Mccusker, a full-time mother, said, "Looking at her now makes me so proud, she's always smiling, laughing and happy, she's such a little miracle."

"We don't know what the future holds for Karlie, but we are sure she will continue to defy the odds."



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