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People Blend Themselves In With Vinyls (25 Pics)

 Since retro is the new hot nowadays, vinyl is starting its great comeback. So if you are a vinyl junkie or your parents have a big collection of the greatest '80s hits, this could be your next great opportunity. People across the Internet unleash their creativity by paying homage to vinyl cover art and bringing it to life in a new context. Following the trend, people are obscuring or augmenting their body parts with record sleeves causing an entertaining illusion captured on photos before digital collages were cool.

Although it remains unknown who is the mastermind behind this concept, it is said that the “Sleeveface” phenomenon was started in 2007 by Welsh DJ Carl Morris with a Paul McCartney sleeve while he was having a little fun in a bar and rapidly became a source of worldwide craze. When the trend evolved,, launched by Morris and his friend John Rostron, became a home for a quirky community of enthusiasts precisely covering their faces and other body parts which resulted in an artistic, vivid and hilarious compilation of pictures. And sometimes, they take the art on favorite covers to a whole new level.

If you have a face, an old vinyl sleeve and a camera – join the movement by seamlessly blending with your favorite artist. Check out this list of the best sleevefaces for inspiration!

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