Sleeping Positions Revealing Your True Relationship Status

 Sleeping is an activity where the subconscious works, and if a couple is unable to show their true feelings for each other during their waking hours, the sleeping positions taken by them can tell them what they feel for each other, and how connected they are towards each other and towards one self. Many researchers have studied how do sleeping positions reveal the secrets of a relationship. Most studies have come up with these 10 sleeping positions and what all secrets they uncover in a relationship. Take a look at them and see how you are connected with your partner.

The Spoon Position

This position shows that your partner takes a protective stance in your relationship. The Author of Success Signals, A Guide to Reading Body Language, Patti Wood, says that position, though is sweet, it also says, “I trust you”. This position is taken up mostly in new relationships rather than older ones.

 The Loose Spoon Position

Couples, who had been a big fan of spooning during the initial stages of their relationship, tend to get to this position, when their relationship matures. This position conveys that, “I am there for you, and you can always count on me”.

 The Tangle Position

This is an extremely intimate position, wherein partners are intertwined, and mostly this position is taken up at the starting of an intense and emotional relationship. Although some couples maintain this throughout their relationship, which may or may not be a good thing. The dependency on each other is too high, if you are sleeping in this position. You simply cannot get enough of each other.

 The Unraveling Knot Position

This position starts with tangling up, and then you guys may unravel that knot after some 10- 15 minutes. This position is much more healthier than the tangle position. An amazing balance of intimacy and independence is achieved in this position, which helps you grow in your relationship as a couple, and also gives you sense of individuality and independence.

 The Chasing Position

This is quite similar to the spooning, but here, one partner is in pursuit of another. One partner has drifted to one side of the bed, and the other is still wanting to chase and remain connected.

 The Liberty Lovers Position

Here, the partners sleep with their backs towards each other. Well, this may sound totally unromantic, but do not worry, this position is not bad as you guys feel connected and secure towards each other, and there is also closeness as well as independence in your relationship.

 The Back Kissers Position

Here, the couple sleeps with their back towards each other, but with their butts connected. Here there is a sense of intimacy as well as the feeling of independence. This position is mostly taken by people who are new in their relationships.

 The Nuzzling Up position

In this position, one partner mostly woman, sleeps with her head on the chest of her man. This is a very nurturing position where there is a great sense of protection and trust between the two of you.

 The Leg Huggers

Your feet are farthest from your brain, and first to react in a fight or flight situation. So, if your partner plays footsie with you, then that means that you both connect deeply and can’t get enough of each other. Your lives are intertwined to a level where you might be completing each other’s sentences and always take care of each other.

 The Space hog position

If your partner takes a starfish like position, where they sprawl out to hog most of the space, then sorry to say, but they are being selfish, especially if they tend to push you to the other side of the bed. The person taking up most of the space tends to be dominating in the relationship, which might create problems down the line. So, try and have an honest conversation with your partner about your importance in the relationship.

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