15 Science-Backed Ways to Lose Weight Easily Without Strict Diets

 Obesity and being overweight is a world epidemic, But equally maddening is the pursuit to lose weight which has victimized women and men alike. Ridicules diet plans promising miraculous weight loss are flooding the net and social media. Trust us when we say that weight loss books sells more than Pride and Prejudice! But besides that, your quest for weight loss can be absolutely confusing. Don’t eat this! Eat that! And vice versa, so who are you going to listen too. Fortunately out of the blue comes articles like these that provide you some remarkable ways to lose weight based on science. Don’t be alarmed, there are no scientific equations and formulas or nutritional charts to follow, instead, all these are brilliant body hacks that can actually help you lose weight. There is no promise of dramatic weight loss, but it can help you get there so read on.

1 Eat spicy sauces

It’s a dream come true for all of those who love spicy food as it comes with a promise of weight loss. A Canadian scientist has proved that spicy sauces and curry increase metabolism and reduces the craving to eat salty and sweet stuff. Capsaicin the ingredient found in chilies boosts the immune system and satiates appetite. Add peppers to your pasta, ravioli, risotto and scrambled eggs for that extra kick. Eat meats accompanied by a spicy sauce. However, for those who suffer from gastric issues and ulcers, spicy foods aren’t recommended and its best to consult your doctor.

 2 Use a hairdryer

This may sound super bizarre for many but your handy hairdryer can help you slim up! The logic is really simple the hair dryer produces heat, which makes you sweat and helps to eliminate the extra water and fluid in your body which could make you look bloated. You can further use a ginger compress, by heating and applying it to a particular part of your body.

 3 Choose plates carefully

Yes, even the color of your dishes can make you lose weight. Research at Cornell University has proven that if the color of the dish and the food items are of contrasting colors, then you may eat less. They found that people tend to eat more when the color of the dish and the food are the same. From now on buy blue dishes as it is the most suitable color that is in contrast with food items such as fish, meat and vegetables. This reduces your appetite automatically, Unbelievable but true.

 4 Eat cinnamon on a regular basis

Cinnamon if consumed daily can reduce your appetite and decrease hunger dramatically. Medical research shows that it controls carbohydrate metabolism. People who ate pudding with ample cinnamon felt full for a much longer period of time as opposed to the ones who ate the pudding without cinnamon.

 5 Make the lights brighter and turn off the music

Now it’s bad news for all you who like to dine out in restaurants with dim lights and loud music. Sadly that makes you binge more. Restaurants create an atmosphere to improve a customer’s appetite. The dim light increases our appetite and loud music makes us gobble our food faster which is not good in any way. Try to cut out your dining outside and eat more at home where you can adjust the ambiance according to your own benefit. Lower the music and brighten the rooms to slim your way fast.

 6 Do aerobic exercises

Studies have proven that healthy aerobic exercises such as jogging, running and swimming burns fat faster than any other form of exercise. Elderly people who cannot do hardcore cardio can substitute with weights workouts. Younger people benefit more from cardio.

 7 Choose good company

As strange as it sounds, it quite logical that our eating company affects our weight gain or loss. According to research, it is human tendency to eat the same food as your friend which most of the time may not be healthy for you. Moreover, if our eating partner has the habit of polishing their plates in record time, we tend to speed up too, so it’s better to eat with careful eaters who savor the food instead of gobbling it up.

 8 Try to get enough sleep

Scientists have medically proven that those who sleep in darker rooms have lesser chances of obesity then those who slept in brighter rooms. Also to lose weight, try to get at least 7-8 hours of solid sleep, because those who sleep less are hungrier because of a messed up hormone secretion disorder.

 9 Consume more dairy products

Research has found that dairy products help us lose weight faster most probably because they satiate u faster. Michael Zemel, professor of nutrition and medicine at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville says that people who eat more dairy products lose weight faster than those who don’t.

 10 Eat more beans and legumes

Doctors have proven that consuming 130 grams (5 oz) of beans reduces the appetite dramatically and helps people lose 0.3 kg (11oz) in 6 weeks. It’s a well-known fact that beans such as peas, chickpeas, and lentils have a high amount of protein and fiber. Also, it does not increase our blood sugar like white bread does. People who did not follow this diet must take baby steps towards complete transition in their eating habits. Substitute beans in place of rice and potatoes or add chickpeas to salads or soups.

 11 Eat your soup first

Studies have proven that eating low-calorie soups before a meal reduces the number of calories you consume. If you make it a habit, it with surely help you get rid of those annoying pounds. Although the ingredients do not contribute in weight loss but make sure the soup does not have beyond 100-150 calories. Rich soup has an opposite effect and completely defeats the purpose. It is Preferable to drink veggie soups to be on the safe side.

 12 Control the temperature in the room where you spend a lot of time

This one is another bizarre way to lose weight but it has been scientifically proven by Australian scientists that temperature makes a massive difference in weight loss. The most appropriate temperature is 66 degrees F. Now there are 2 types of body fats which can be conveniently be grouped in bad and good fat categories. The bad white fat grows and clings to our hips stubbornly. The good-brown fat burns the white fat and produces energy. But for this process, the temperature needs to be quite low.

 13 Drink water before meals

It has been found by research that drinking water before meals contributes to weight loss. It helps you consume fewer calories and increases weight loss by 44%. Drinking water improves your metabolism and contributes to fat burn.

 14 Get your coffee

Coffee has been demonized a lot and while excess isn’t good for you, to some extent coffee can be very good for health. It is full of antioxidants and also helps improve brain function and memory.

Caffeine is also a good pre-workout drink for energy without the calories. You’ll find that within 15 minutes of caffeine consumption, your energy levels are up for an improved workout. However, you need to drink black coffee without sugar otherwise that defeats the purpose.

 15 Forget your prohibitions

So you like having a cookie or some chocolate? Well!! Go ahead and have them but restrict yourself to one in the morning instead of 3 or 5. You can have the whole day to burn the calories. Don’t prohibit yourself too strictly because it will only stress you out instead and increase bad hormones. Restricting in the morning may end up with you consuming too much during the day.
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