They will make you look twice

#22 What Happened There?
 The dogs are looking at the kittens!

#21 The Strict Rules
 Okay. Calm down, Stalin. Don’t you think ‘Electrocution’ is too strict of a punishment?

#20 A Bear In the Lambo
 His day is definitely better than mine

#19 Okay Granny
 I suppose it's a goodbye!

#18 HOW?
 How did the car reach there?

#17 Smart Ass?
 Thug life!

#16 The Lipstain
 This kiss stain must have had a crazy story

#15 Noodle Scanner
 Seriously, what were you trying to do!?

#14 That Hug
 Who's hugging who again?!

#13 Digging Your Own Grave?
 And making a mark on Google Earth at the same time.

#12 WHY?
 Does he not know how it's done?

#11 Glassware Vending Machine
 Although, I don’t know if I have to pick them up, especially if they don’t survive the 3-ft fall challenge.

#10 Extinguisher?
 Well, it's in trouble

#9 The Long Arm
 That's really a long arm

#8 Such blend
 Much camouflage!

#7 Flying In Air
 What is it actually?

#6 Like, you had one job!
 You think that's going to work?

#5 Wait, What?
 Seriously, what is wrong with this man

#4 Who Are You?
 A rat?

#3 Magician on the loose
 Who did that and how?

#2 IKEA at its best.
 Well, you could also… I dunno… NOT include those unnecessary screws in the package. Jussayin’!

#1 Oliver Queen, Are You?
What are those tools?
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