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25 People Who Took Their Halloween Costumes To The Next Level

I hope you all have your costumes ready because Halloween is right around the corner! I mean, by now you hopefully purchased everything you need to impress your friends or at least have an idea of what exactly you’re going to be. But if you don’t, don’t you worry! You aren’t the only one.

1. The internet is the best place to give you some awesome costume ideas. Whether you need some last minute ideas to help you put something together or you want to get a little creative and go a little more full out. Well, we’re here to help you out if you have the need to impress at your Halloween party. Here’s a list of some of the most incredible and by far the most creative costumes going around the web. This will definitely help you get some last minute inspiration. And if you already got your costume down, these costumes are pretty entertaining to just scroll through.  Check out this first one. This guy clearly is a fan of the hit Disney film Ratatouille. He really hit his costume on the nail with having Remy (the rat) controlling his every move…wonder if he even realized it? The glass of wine is the perfect accessory as well. Amazing job!

 2. Guess Halloween is the perfect time to put some humor into some serious topics. Not sure if this costume is clever or just plain sad. Or maybe this girl was just trying to make a point, but regardless she did a good job with her “Getting deported by Trump” Halloween costume.
 3. This guy really stepped it up with his costume. Wonder how long it took him to get this one done? Regardless, he seems to be a pretty incredible artist if he managed to copy Van Gogh’s famous paintings. Now, if he’s trying to be the actual artist, he should’ve done something with his ear….oh well, there’s always next year!
 4. These costumes are a combo of hilarious, clever and scary! These girls really did an incredible job in showing off their inner Anglerfish. You know, that fish that scared the living nightmare out of Marlin and Dory in Finding Nemo? When they just kept swimming to the dark ocean and then that freaky fish popped out of nowhere? Great costume. Very creative!
 5. You know your costume is a complete success when it makes someone cry…from fear. This girl’s parents decided to go full out and dress their child up like a character from the hit Japanese anime film Spirited Away. Clearly, her classmates at the school weren’t fans of it. But the older kids/adults definitely appreciate it. This is a great idea for a costume even for adults!
 6. If you’re invited to a house party and you decide to dress up like fire, be prepared to be asked to sit in the fireplace and act the part. This guy probably thought he had a great idea in his head and he definitely put the costume together pretty great. But let’s be honest, he was super uncomfortable the rest of the night. I know I would be sitting in that position!
 7. This grandpa not only should win the award for best costume but also for having the best sense of humor. Who wouldn’t get a huge smile on their face after seeing this? He’s channeling his inner Princess Leia and his vacuum is channeling its inner R2D2. Remember guys, using stuff around your home can add a lot to your costume.
 8. If you have a pet that you love, why not dress up like them for Halloween? This guy did a really good job in dressing up like his cat. Look at his cat’s reaction. It looks like it just saw something that it can never unseen again…and it probably can’t. I wonder what reaction this guy will get from humans?
 9. Are all your friends going out for Halloween with their significant others? Are you feeling left out and upset that you don’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Well, this guy has the perfect solution for you. His girlfriend couldn’t come out. He looks pretty good as a woman, don’t you think?
 10. Take a look at the guy on the left. He took Halloween costume to another level. Not sure what’s going on here? He decided to print a 3D photo of his face and put it on his lap. In the right lighting, this costume could freak out anyone…and gross them out at the same time.
 11. This girl decided to do a play on words with her costume. It’s actually genius. Take a minute to figure it out….okay ready? She’s Taco Belle. Get it? Pretty smart considering every girl would probably be dressing up like Princess Belle this year. Why not put a delicious twist to it. Very clever!

 12. Dressing toddlers up like old people seems to be a trend in costumes these past few years. It’s pretty adorable. This little girl decided to dress up like her Grandmother and it couldn’t be any cuter. She even has the right accessories to really make it look more realistic. It’s also really sweet.
 13. Going out for Halloween with two wild toddlers who are going to be extra hyper from all the sugar? Not exactly sure how to keep them controlled during the night? Well, this woman has a solution for you. She cleverly dressed up like Princess Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. And her two boys? Well, they dressed up like her dragons of course! So adorable.
 14. Let me tell you, it’s not easy at all to walk around in heels, especially ones like these. This guy is a champ for rocking these boots. He also channeled in his inner Broadway star by wearing the costume from the hit show Kinky Boots. Wonder how long it took him to take a seat and rest up his feet?
 15. If you’re stuck with what costume you and your family should be, always go with the Incredibles. It may be a bit basic, but it never seems to fail. It also looks adorable on a family of 5, who can channel every single one of the Incredibles. I wouldn’t mess with that family!
 16. Dressing up like Steve Jobs is a pretty simple, yet clever costume. This guy actually looks like him, so naturally, he had to stop by the Apple Store before going out to a party. He either got people to jump in fear OR everyone was coming up to him trying to get some free iPhones.
 17. Is this your Halloween being a couple? Not into all those cutesy costumes that all the “basic” couples end up doing? Why not try dressing up like the creepy twins from The Shining? That’s the route this couple decided to go. I won’t lie, I’d be completely freaked out being in the elevator with them.
 18. Let’s be real here, it’s not often that you see someone dress up as a stock photo for Halloween. But hey, it’s clever, funny and is sure to entertain people at your office. It also seems pretty easy to put together if you’re looking for a last minute costume. You can even choose a scarier photo than this one!
 19. Okay, this is probably one of the coolest, most fun costumes I’ve ever seen. This will take you some time to put together but when you do, it’ll have everyone enjoying your costume. This guy decided to dress up like the hit game “Pokemon Go” that everyone was obsessing over last summer. He should probably get used to people asking to play.
 20. Finding the perfect group Halloween costume can be difficult. It’s honestly a hit or a miss. This guy and his friends did an incredible job with their group costume for their office Halloween party. It probably took a ton of time and talent for these costumes to be a complete success.

 21. This person decided to dress up as an X-Ray. When you hear that someone wants to dress up as an X-Ray, I don’t think anyone’s mind can really wrap around how that could be executed. This person absolutely killed it. Looks pretty creepy as well: mission accomplished. Spooky and talented all at the same time.
 22. Sometimes having a theme to go off of helps a lot with your costume. I mean, you don’t have to think of what you’re going to be, that’s completely taken care of. But when your boss tells you that everyone should dress up as “Dominos” you don’t know if it’s the game or the pizza. Clearly, that one woman should’ve discussed it with the rest of her colleagues.

23. When you’re a Weatherman and you work with a green screen on a regular basis, Halloween is your time to have some fun with it. This local Weatherman decided to dress up like the sun. Sounds pretty lame until he stood in front of the green screen…that’s hilarious. Entertained the entire crew.

24. There’s nothing more adorable than a dad who gets into the spirit of Halloween with his kids. This dad deserves a medal for CRUSHING his costume with his 3 adorable kids! He dressed up as Hagrid from Harry Potter and his three little ones dressed up as Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
 25. Is that Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Nah. It’s just a guy who happens to look like him. But that wasn’t even his costume. Rather than being a character from a movie, this 7-foot tall guy decided to dress up as a “normal” guy that happens to be on stilts. Clever, funny and pretty hilarious!
 What do you think about these amazing halloween costumes?



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