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26 Twists To Everyday Objects That You Never Could Have Thought Of

hen you are feeling low and then stumble upon such hilarious turnouts of creative people, wherein they give twists to everyday objects. From cars to chairs to sneakers to shirts to plates, you name it, and there is a 'never-thought-before' side of it, right here. Users of Reddit and Imgur are swelling with humor and here we have featured some of them with their 'out-of-the-box' creations.

Scroll down and enjoy!

 We wonder who would climb up the ladder there.

 That's how intentional stains are caused and they sell, too!

 The problems that accompany the lack of space.

 The safest way to park your car.

 The perfect imperfect use of compact space available, a basket also! I mean, why?

 To go green or to not go green?

 That's impeccable! A clever way to reserve your plate in a crowd.

 Shows for whose toes?

 RULES, more than anything!

 When there's a replacement for the tyres too!

 When you're in no mood of a pedicure. #Savior

 Why d'you need mirrors when beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?!

 'Cause there is no such thing as 'out of vogue.'

 Gosh! This is a big creative fail!

 When your obsession with shoes just doesn't seem to ease down.

 For instant noodles have been your first love and the last one, too.

 Amalgamation is what you love.

 Amalgamation is what you love.

 When fakeness is the new reality!

 When the obsession to eat just doesn't subside.

 2-in-1 and life's sorted.

 A helmet with straps, resembling a hat.

 When two hands are not enough to collect all the money.

 Why illusions, folks?

 A cinnamon roll bag, satiating the sweet tooth of people.

When you need not drive with a steering and still enjoy a drive in a car chair.



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